Candid Camera!

4:24:00 pm

I know I’ve been a bad girl, slacking in my posts, but I’ve been quite busy what with Ramadan, and visiting and stuff. So today I thought, “Cub’s having a nap, I’ll sit down in front of my keyboard and just blog away to glory!!”. Alas, my help turned up with an injured hand, so now I’ll have to go do the chores as well :-(.Oh noooo!!!!!

Anyway, I thought I’d post some funny photos I’ve had with me for a while. Some have been taken by me, the rest contributed by my brother and his friend. Not sure where they got it from, though :-). Good for a laugh!!

1. Did it actually land there?

I’ll begin with a photo taken by yours truly. I honestly don’t know what the house owners were thinking when they built a plane on top of their house. Seriously, a plane?? 

2. Gentlemen first

Self explanatory :-)

3. Made by a Zero-x

It certainly was no 'hero' who made the sign!

4. Who says I’m heavy?

Again, self explanatory.

5. Chemistry graduate

Someone seriously paid attention in chemistry class :-)

6. Famous Brand I

This one’s quite good. People could actually be fooled at first glance.

7. Famous Brand II

This one’s not that good, but worth a mention anyway :-)

8. Born Less?

Honestly, couldn’t they ask someone before putting that up?

Hope everyone enjoyed this little candid camera action!! Ciao till next time!! 

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  1. @Jahn 'n StyleI know...there's lots more out there, gotta get more pics :-)

  2. Oh i love candid camera shots! I follow them up on newspaper every weekend! this post had me in splits. Glad to have found your blog. Guess we can connect , being on the same plane of ex-s/w engineer to current SAHM!

    Please do visit my blog about Sewing, Fashion, Trends & Pattern Making Adithis Amma Sews

  3. @CreativeMamaThanks a lot for stopping by!! I loved your blog too!! I'm a big fan of DIY and crafting and stuff, too bad my talent doesn't match my interest ;-)

  4. U can see Indian English creeping up everywhere...n how we love writing words the way they are pronounced ...

  5. @opal
    Yup, I've seen 'chinees' in so many little roadside dhabas!!

  6. LOL!!! So funny!!! I don't know which one I like best...probably the water one. I think the person who made the sign thought he was being sooo smart!

  7. @Hippie Holly So glad you liked it!! Planning on a second part to this soon!!

  8. haha...this has gotta be my favorite post so far...superb observation...Favorite pic would be the water tank :D
    There was this Liquor shop I saw & they sold "Chillied Bear" !!! :P

  9. @Swarnali "Chillied Bear"?? OMG, that really is something, a liquor shop owner who can't spell 'beer'!!

    1. That's not the worst, I have seen this "child beer" served here written on a board!

      Cool pictures. But the plane landing took the cake for me :)

    2. I know, I still can't help laughing when I pass by that house :-)

  10. One glass of water with H2O please! That was funny! Lol.