Adios, 2011!

10:56:00 pm

I’m back!! After quite a while, in terms of time in blog-land :-). Well, my brother-in-law and his family are visiting from USA, and since they come once in about 3-4 years, it was quite an event. Then there was a wedding in their family and then Cub got sick.

He got these really terrible mouth ulcers and was screaming all night long. My Mom, who is his pediatrician, is on holiday in Singapore and so we took him to another doctor who diagnosed it as Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. Only someone whose kid has had this can have any idea what we went through. Poor thing was in agony and didn’t sleep for 4 nights. Obviously he couldn’t eat anything as well, and the doctor prescribed lots of ice cream. That did calm him down a bit, but mostly it was cold strawberry flavored yogurt and probiotic milk (Yakult) that he found palatable. 

Thank God, he’s better now and had some proper food today. We told everyone who called to ask about him that all he could have was cold foods, and now our freezer is choc-a-bloc with ice cream!! There’s Choco-Almond, Kesar-Badam, Choco Crunch cones, Pista Green, Vanilla – yup, Baskin Robbins, bet we can outdo your stock now!!

This is how our freezer looks now:

And here is our fridge, with still lots of Cub’s ‘cold food’ leftover:

Hence, I’m back to blogging today! I also did a workout, shampooed my hair and am feeling a lot cheerier after a harrowing 5 days :-). I have so much stuff to share with you guys; I don’t know where to start. Anyways, I think since this is the end of the year and I want to do the propah year-ending thing, I’ll talk about what I did this year in this post and do the whole New-Year-Resolution dance in the next post.

(These lists will feature only the positives, after all I don’t really feel like listing out all my mess ups on such a public platform ;-). And obviously my negatives this year translate into resolutions for the next, right?)

Things I did good this year:

  1. I started my own blog!!! And I’m lovin’ it :-). Before starting to blog myself, the only blogs I read were The Fabulous Life of Not So Rich and Infamous, Hippie by Heart, Thinks fashion is art as well as Already Pretty. Now, I’ve been exposed to so many other wonderful blogs and love reading posts by bloggers across the world on various topics.
  1. I embarked on a fitness journey and I’ve been at it consistently for two months now. I’ve already started losing weight!! Also, I don’t feel tired at all, can do with little or disturbed sleep (read: sick child) and feel great!!
  1. I control my portions, have my vitamins everyday and ensure I have at least one vegetable dish for each meal. I’ve also upped my fruit intake. Due to this (and exercise), my hair has become manageable and my skin is also looking better.
  1. I’ve started using a night cream, foot cream and hand cream. I’ve also started experimenting with hair spray, lip gloss and compact powder. (For a kajal-only person, this is a big step :-))
  1. I’ve started looking at the big picture and am trying to stop sweating the small stuff. I realize that as long as the basics are in place, i.e.: my family is healthy, we have a comfortable home, we love each other etc., everything else will fall into place eventually. Of course, lots of room for improvement :-)
  1. I’ve moved cities and am now closer to my parents. Hence, I’m more involved in their lives and they also get to have fun with Cub more often.
  1. I’ve become a much more conscientious shopper. I don’t go crazy at sales and think a lot before actually spending on anything. As a result, I’ve begun to think more innovatively about the stuff already in my wardrobe.
  1. I’ve decluttered a lot this year and it’s become a regular process. I am now trying to prevent clutter from building up in the first place.
That’s all I can think of at the moment. Really, Fab? 365 days, and all you’ve accomplished are these? Well, not an impressive list, but at least I can honestly say that I’ve done something progressive this year. And something always beats nothing, right?

What are the top things that come to mind when you think of what you’ve achieved this year?? Do share it with all of us!!

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  1. Sorry to hear about Cub! My niece had that and it was so tough on her. Hope he feels better soon! xo style, she wrote

  2. @Style, She Wrote Thanks so much for your comment!! Yes he is much better now. Your poor niece must have suffered, this is really one tough illness to have :(

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  4. Hope cub is doing good now :(. Here is to 2012, wishing you and your family a fabulous year...Cheers :)

  5. @opal Thank you so much Opal!! Wish you a wonderful year ahead too!!

  6. Oh poor Cub, this sounds horrible..but all that ice-cream seems like something out of my childhood dreams :) Hope he feels all better soon. Wow you did a lot this year! Goodie, hope 2012 is even better :)

  7. @Hippie Holly Thank you Holly!! Yup, he OD-ed on ice cream so much I think he's quite sick of it now :-).