Happy Birthday, Garfield!!

9:41:00 pm

Today is the birthday of the most incorrigible cat on the planet – Garfield!!!

Image Source: laurabaugh.blogspot

To say I love Garfield (the comic and the character) would be an understatement. If you’ve been a regular visitor here, this fact mustn’t surprise you :-). He’s obnoxious, narcissistic, inconsiderate, gluttonous, arrogant… this could go on for a while :-). But, he’s still my favorite fictional cat!!!

Speaking of fictional cats, some of the other cats that I really like are Snowbell from Stuart Little, Puss in Boots and all those fun loving cats in ‘The Aristocats’.

Image Source: Tunisia-sat 

Image Source: thecoast.ca

Image Source: fanpop

I know, I’ve got a weakness for cats. But there’s no doubt about who’s in the top spot – Garfield rules!! Happy Birthday, Garfield!!!

Image Source: garfield

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  1. I love Garfield too. He is just too adorable to resist :D :D And I love all the other cats you have mentioned :)
    P.S.- There is some problem with blogger I guess, your posts aren't appearing on my dashboard for sometime :( I just dropped in now and see this post written days ago. :(

    1. Bad, bad blogger!! You know, we should start a Garfield Admiration Club, and eat lasagna at club meetings. Followed by chocolate cake, of course :-)

    2. Yes bad bad Blogger :|
      Yes we should start so may things - Bones Admiration club and a Garfield one too :D :D
      And It wouldn't be complete without the choc cake, would it?