E is for Emma

12:40:00 pm

When one speaks of Austen, the first novel that comes to mind is usually Pride and Prejudice, but that is not to say that her other novels are any less! Emma is one of her most popular works, and though it was written centuries ago, it still makes for a great read today!

Austen states on the outset that Emma is not a heroine you’ll like and she’s right! Emma is spoilt and rather snobbish, belonging to the rich upper class herself. She’s not particularly ambitious or talented, and tends to leave most of what she begins halfway done. With the exception of one activity – matchmaking!

Even though she has absolutely no experience in the romance department, Emma believes that she is the best person to decide who should be set up with whom. Her rather self-satisfying attitude doesn’t take into account this thing called ‘other people’s feelings’, which leads to disastrous consequences!

But Emma isn’t a bad person, and she really does have everyone’s best interests at heart – it’s just that she goes about it the wrong way. So she soon learns that love can’t be forced upon or away – the heart wants what the heart wants! Yes, she does make some people angry along the way, but all’s well that ends well!

Emma may appear as a rather light read, and it is one. But it’s also about learning about yourself, growing up, making mistakes and overcoming them. But the most important lesson is this - meddling in others’ love lives may not end well!

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