Weekly Goals Update – 15 January 2012

6:12:00 pm

This week was a let down in the fitness and parenting departments, but better in the blogging and organizing departments.

  1. Kept my cool when Cub threw multiple tantrums. In public.
  2. Cut back portions at lunch and dinner (4 days of the week)
  3. Was regular with my prayers 99% of the time.
  4. Lost 3.5 inches all over :D :D
  5. Made a cleaning schedule for the house and decluttered entire kitchen
  6. Installed hooks inside my wardrobe door and hung up all my necklaces (no see, no wear)
  7. Wore a long unworn skirt with a long unworn top. Yay to wardrobe revamp!
  8. Followed blog schedule to the letter

  1. Nagged at hubs twice. Nagging level 3 & 5.
  2. Yelled at Cub once. Level 4.
  3. Worked out only on 3 days. (PMS and cramps played spoilsport)
  4. Carbs still ruling my plate
  5. Played with Cub just once :(
  6. No significant decrease on the weighing scale

Really got to focus on my eating habits the coming week!

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  1. Hoping next week will have only HIGHS!!!:)

  2. Love this idea, Fab. Great for staying on track and accountable!! Keep it up.

    1. Thank you, Prerna! And you're right, before snoozing my alarm, the thought of displaying my failures on my blog comes up and it makes me jump up!!