First Sale of the Year – Mini Haul Post

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So the first week of the year is officially over!! I guess everyone was just beginning to get more or less settled in their daily lives when, BAM! The sale season hits us!! If you’re new here and don’t know anything about me or what the word ‘SALE’ does to me, I’d suggest you read this.

Anyway, we went shopping for the first time this year, though it was mainly for the stuff on Cub’s list, and so my haul is more or less a mini haul.

Couple of Tshirts for lounging around in.

I’ve been eyeing this necklace at Westside for a while now, and when I saw it marked down by 40%, I ran for it!! I love the vintage-y metal and the dangling stuff. This is the one thing I got that was not on the shopping list. (Yes, I am serious about ‘The List’).

Bunch of pastel colored scrunchies to mix and match with my outfits. I’ll be needing them a lot, come summer.

A set of these cute coffee cups. Aren’t they adorable? Drinking coffee is soo much more fun now :-).
I also got an Anti-Breakage shampoo from Herbal Essences; even that was on discount! 

The stuff below is part of what my Mom got me when she came back from her holiday in Singapore:

Navy blue beaded bracelet. This is my favorite and I can’t wait to wear it!!

Hearts bracelet. Very dainty and girly. And pink. Say no more.

Cub looked at these and yelled ‘Mamma, fork!!’. Umm, ok, it does kinda look like that. Hubby was like, don’t they look a bit dangerous? Dangerous?? Cmon!!! Anyway I can’t help but think of recycling whenever I look at that triangle :-).

Cub got a whole lot of stuff – new bag, new toys, new PJs and since he’s a lot into trains right now, a Thomas themed T shirt, bath towel and a tiny little toy engine. Those blasted Thomas things are so expensive, I mean, look at the size of them:

See? That’s why I took the pic with it on my palm, so you know how small it actually is. Honestly, their only aim is to exploit little train-lovers' parents' wallets.

I still have some stuff left on my sale shopping list, and might hit the stores again some time later (without Cub this time). Have you guys started shopping? What did you get so far?

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  1. I did a quick SALE shopping, I am really wondering if I should post it on my blog?

  2. @opal Of course!! It's always fun to read haul posts :-) Besides, you get an idea of what products to get, and where the genuine discounts are.

  3. Hi
    Fab. you r doing gr8 job yar. really awesome blog. its my first time visit here n i'm so happy. keep it up.

  4. @Aaliya Thanks a lot for stopping by, Aaliya!! I'm so glad you liked my blog!!! Always feels great to see positive comments :D