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10:47:00 am

Got nothing specific to blog..so I thought I’d do a little chit chat with you guys. Nothing like some girl-talk to boost our feel good hormones, is there? Of course, being one-sided it’s only half the fun, but when did that ever stop me from yakking away? :-)

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day, that is, if you are amongst the celebrators. I’m not, so didn’t do anything much. I did however try out a new recipe the day before, from Ria Jobin’s amazing blog ‘Ria’s Collection. Her recipes are wonderful and the pictures on her blog – mouthwatering!!!! I tried out her Jam Filled Cookies recipe, but avoided the jam part. Here’re some pics.

Cookies cut out from dough and ready to go into the oven:

Fresh out of the oven, mmm!!!

Nutella Love :-)

I tried doing Ria’s jam thing too:

I followed her recipe to the word; only I would suggest chilling the dough for a couple of hours before cutting out the cookies, so that the dough binds better.

While we’re chatting, I might as well share an outfit that’s been in the drafts for quite a while. It’s what I wore for the Republic Day celebration at Cub’s playschool, yup, been a while. Nothing spectacular or anything, just a simple, yet extremely comfortable printed cotton kurta from Westside and white bottom accessorized with a gift from my brother-in-law in the U.S. – a red bag that is so spacious, I could actually fit a little kitchen sink in it!! I've been wanting to try the blue-white-red theme for a while, so here is the desi version!

Kurta: Westside
Bag: Gift
Pendant: Globus
Earrings: Commercial Street, Bangalore
Bangles: Streets of Hyderabad
Shoes: Lifestyle

This is my second outfit post this year! My goal was two outfit posts per month, so going by that, not very good. Hmm, gotta come up with more!!!

Workout wise, I’ve been doing Tae Bo Cardio for a while now and I’ve just got a hold of Tae Bo Extreme. It’s one hour of cardio (including a step) and weights. I’m really enjoying Tae Bo; Billy Blanks (the guy behind it) is very encouraging and you can feel the enthusiasm of a real class. He tells you to push yourself and not give up, even if you have to pause to catch your breath. Good stuff.

Well, that’s all for now, catch you girls later!!

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  1. When I am I ever gonna muster up courage to do an outfit post...:(...I say the outfit is chic....

    1. You really have got to do one right away...I am dying to see how you style some of those earrings of yours :)

  2. OMG - that bag... gorgeous. I have always wanted a red bag in my collection and this is simply super!

    1. Thank you!! I also think a red bag and a pair of glam red shoes are a must have in every woman's closet!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! They tasted yum too - soft and buttery!

  4. the kurti looks nice..and the bag is really nice...i like westside kurtis...only problem is that their sizes are dont fit me....even their S size looks lopsidedly big on me!!

    i really like your necklace!!!....

    and oh!!...i finally tried out your nutella chocolate recipe ..its fab and cooked in 3 minutes flat...hubby did not believe its so damn easy and tastes so nice!!!

    thanks a ton for posting the recipe!!


    1. The kurta I'm wearing here is XS. But not all styles have an XS :(. A lot of people seem to have liked the Nutella cake - all the more since it doesn't need any baking and hence, no washing up!!

  5. Hello girl, thanks for trying the cookies :) I can see that you enjoyed them!

    1. I loved them!! Thank you for your lovely recipe!!

  6. I loved the bag!!