Lust List - February

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It’s been a while since I did a lust list (December), so this is the first list of the year! Now, being Feb and all, you’ll obviously be expecting a riot of pink hearts – but I’m going to break away from all that headache inducing red and pink and bring you something completely different. It’s not that I’m a Valentine-grinch or anything; I don’t celebrate it myself though I like seeing how everyone else is doing it :-).

1. Printed Sumana Dress
 Image Courtesy: Anthropologie

A pretty, breezy dress from Anthropologie. I especially love the tassels hanging down front, I’d probably leave them untied :-). It just looks so perfect for humid Indian summers. Bonus: Would flatter all body types.

2. Blue High Heeled Peeptoes with Bow
 Image Courtesy: H&M

How cute are these H&M lovelies? I love the color and the bow. These booties also somehow look like they would be quite comfortable to walk around in, don’t they?

3. Striped T Shirt
 Image Courtesy: ASOS

Of course you’ve seen a lot of striped T shirts, but I like the asymmetry in the pattern of the sleeves in this ASOS version. I don’t particularly care for the hat and the skirt worn by the model, but this does seem to be a real versatile piece.

4. Leaf Ring
 Image Courtesy: Etsy

This ring is love at first sight. It’s so elegant and pretty and ladylike and all sorts of things! It is available on Etsy, in case you've fallen for it's charms too :-).

5. Vera Wang Lovestruck Perfume
 Image Courtesy: luxpresso

This deviates a bit from my No-Valentine-theme I mentioned, but I really liked the look of the bottle as well as of the ad. It features Gossip Girl ‘Leighton Meester’ in a beautiful strapless gown. The perfume is supposed to be ‘a floral scent that incorporates a pink guava and mandarin, followed by a mix of tuberose and lotus blossom. Precious woods and seductive musk make for the base notes’.  Sounds like a real man-magnet!!

6. Adorable Teddy
 Image Courtesy: links2love

Ok fine, I’ll put in something for the mush-hearts amongst you guys. Is this guy kiss-worthy or what? Just look at his boxers!! Yes, the Santa hat does make him a bit Christmassy, but the boxers are perfect for this season :-). And of course, the message on his little vest. Did I mention how cute his boxers are?

So, what do you guys think of this month’s lust list? Are you disappointed there aren’t any Valentine specials? Comment away!!

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  1. oooooh I like your lust list. Everything is so drool worthy!!! Need those shoes for sure!

    ♡ from ©

    1. Thanks Tanvi!! Those shoes kind of remind me of your blue pumps!!

  2. Those are amazing shoes! I'd definitely wear that cute leaf ring as well.

    1. Isn't that ring just too sweet for words?!

  3. a lusty lust list.....this season stripes shirt/tops are really big..saw a couple of good ones at M& the blue shoes!!

    1. I really want a long sleeved striped top...maybe I'll paint the stripes on one side too :-)