The Haul and The Holy!!

10:12:00 pm

I had a great weekend, with a lot of feasting and some shopping :-). The shopping part was quite controlled (maybe too controlled) but the feasting was just OTT. Since Ramadan is starting in a few days, and I’m going to be fasting from dawn to dusk for the next 30 days, I’m letting go for now.

Some of you might think that fasting for 30 days is an effective way to lose weight. Losing weight?? Yes, definitely. I lose anything from 2-5 kg during this holy month. Effective weight loss?? No way. I gain back all the lost weight the day after Eid.

Anyway, about my shopping haul. I did hit the sales, but to tell the truth, was kind of disappointed. Not a lot of nice stuff on sale, though I did score some. I found my top priority item: my workout shoes from Adidas.

Cross Trainers with a strong heel and good lateral support. Love them.

I wanted a few tops, but didn’t find many that I really liked. I finally picked up this comfortable brown top from Westside:

It appears quite red in the picture, but is actually brown.

I had set my eyes on a few accessories at Westside prior to the sale and was extremely pleased to find them marked down :-). So, they came home with me.

A stack of floral bangles:

And a necklace with little jangly stars:

Yup, that’s all I got so far. I didn’t find my perfect pair of jeans and wasn’t satisfied with any of the wedges I saw. I’m still on the lookout for those wardrobe basics, while Cub stocked up on clothes and toys.

How have you guys fared with the sale so far?? Satisfied or disappointed? Or yet to launch an attack??

Image Courtesy: garfieldhome

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  1. I love the color of your trainers!! And the stars!! :D :D I have a bracelet of the same style but I can't wear it much, pricks my wrist when i wear it. :( I love that stack of bangles, such lovely prints!!

    1. I know exactly what you mean, in fact the hubs has banned me from carrying Cub when wearing that necklace!!! He says it's a weapon!! At least no eve teasing jerk will come within a foot of me :-)

  2. bangles bangles...i heart em...So disappointed with sales
    :(..Went to lifestyle yesterday , I must say I didn't score much from sales and ended up buying tops which had just 5-15% friend who hit the sales on day 1 texted me saying it was more like a sabji baazaar than a shop

    1. I know, I visited Lifestyle too. It was a mess, and I simply couldn't think straight. Do post pics of your stuff!!