Journal Your Ramadan – Days 9 & 10

10:27:00 pm

Today we complete the first third of Ramadan. It’s been okay so far by God’s grace and I hope it stays that way.

Day 9’s prompt was ‘Love’. Here is what I’m loving right now:

I can’t really think of anything more refreshing than lime juice to break a long weary day’s fast. Of course, this differs from person to person, but for me, lime juice is my love. No soda or salt, just lime, cold water and sugar. Blissss!!!!!!!

And for Day 10 – ‘Dish of the day’. On the menu today was Wholewheat Naan and Healthy Butter Chicken.

The Naan is an amalgamation of my Mom’s and my recipes, and the chicken recipe is from here.

It feels real good to take food photos in Ramadan, I wonder why :-). Anyway, 10 days of Ramadan Journalling are successfully done!!

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  1. yaay! we did 10 days of journaling and I'am feeling fab! ;)

    1. I know!! It's been great so far and looks like it can only get better :-)

  2. good luck!!! naan and butter chicken look so yum!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  3. It's Day 12 now! So excited at how fast it's going. :)

    1. I know, we're almost halfway through!!