Toy Review: My Toy Factory by MadRat Games

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You know how everyone says that kids are more interested in the box the new toy came in rather than the toy itself? And about how they have more fun breaking toys than playing with them?

Kids, here is the answer to your toy needs. A young company has come to your rescue - MadRat Games, which has become quite popular for developing ‘Aksharit’, a Hindi board game that has been adopted in several schools across various Indian states.

The nice folks at MadRat Games were kind enough to send me a copy of  ‘My Toy Factory’, an eco friendly toy kit that helps kids make simple toys out of regular household stuff like newspaper and straws. Additional stickers and paper are provided within the kit along with all the pieces necessary to build the little city of Toyoka. These toys aren’t just for fun; they also help teach kids about basic scientific concepts.

The toy arrived well packed and just in time for Eid. Perfect Eid gift for Cub!!

The box appears sturdy and was received well wrapped. Cub couldn’t wait to open and see what was inside!!

The concept goes something like this: Kids are supposed to become workers in a Toy Factory. This is a serious process complete with an appointment letter, a custom made Factory Hat and ID Card!! Kids are sure to love these little details and it made Cub feel very involved in the whole process!

Cub really enjoyed making the hat, with a little assistance from me. The pictorial instructions are very clear with fun little characters who help along the way. He loved announcing, “I’m a Toy Factory worker!”

The best part of this toy is that it really brings out a child’s imagination. Take the fictional city of Toyoka; play mats are provided along with several other pieces which the children can assemble and arrange to their liking. All you need are basic craft supplies like scissors and glue. Cub even put his diecast cars on the roads of Toyoka!!

This toy really encourages kids to think of waste material in a new way. It provides an opportunity to explain about the need to reuse and recycle. No child is too young for that.

Speaking of age, though the official website says that this toy is for the 5+ age group, the toy’s packaging puts the target age group at 8+. However, in my opinion, the toy is suitable from 4 years onwards, since Cub really seemed to enjoy it. Of course, some of the scientific concepts would be a bit much at this age, but they can definitely start building the toys and get involved in the Toy Factory concept. Some adult assistance would be required, but what’s better than some bonding time!!

Cub also enjoyed playing with the puppets we made from the kit.

There is even a little journal for kids to record their toy making experience. Of course, this is better suited to the abilities of older kids.

In a nutshell,


1. Reasonably priced – Rs. 299.00
2. Easily available online with Cash on Delivery
3. Toy Factory concept makes kids feel involved
4. Good quality paper and tools used
5. Eco friendly, good opportunity to explain what it means to kids
6. Encourages reuse and recycling
7. The city of  Toyoka can be played with again and again, in different settings
8. Guarantees zero boredom. You can get a lot of playtime out of one kit.
9. Gender neutral – perfect for boys and girls
10. Good across a wide age group
11. Makes a great gift for a child who is overwhelmed with a sea of bright plastic toys.
12. Also good for playing with siblings or friends. More than one toy means no fighting!

There are hardly any negatives to this toy, but a few minor issues.


1. The play mat would have been sturdier if there was some way to hold the different parts in place; probably a foldable mat would have been better.
2. The stickers’ edges are not visible, so one would need to cut them out first before peeling them off the paper. This is a bit of a chore for young children.
3. The age group mention is inconsistent on the website and the package.

My suggestion would be to release the toy in two versions – a Junior (easier) version for younger kids, and a more complicated version for the older ones.
Overall, this is a must buy – it is a toy, craft kit, role play kit all in one!!

This toy is available on and for US customers. 
My Toy Factory has become a top seller at Flipkart & they are providing a 25% discount on it till the 30th of August!

Disclosure: The company sent me the product for review purposes, but all opinions mentioned are my own.

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