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10:30:00 pm

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and the old man is snoring. I know, I should welcome the rains, considering the monsoons are so late and all, and I am grateful for them, I really am. But it makes getting out of the house a messy and tiresome affair, doubled when you also consider a preschooler and all the illnesses spreading around.

Anyway, there is something to be said for the joy of sitting indoors watching the rain or curling up with a good book and a fluffy blanket, or sitting in front of your computer with a steaming cup of tea and reading some great blog posts!!

So, here’s some linking fun for all of you, with a bunch of the best posts around!!

1. Some beautiful summer braid inspiration from Rachel at Lines Across.

2. This is a must read: Fajr at Stylish Thought lists out 33 Tips on Finding Your Passion today

3. Have you been considering chopping off your locks but can’t take the plunge? Sally McGraw posts at Stylelist about re-evaluating your hairstyle.

4. Do you wonder how some bloggers seem to live in little vintage towns and have perfectly set tables and lovely DIY wreaths?? Sadie Stein shares her fun thoughts at Jezebel.

5. The inspiring Jill Chivers guest posts at Inside Out Style about her shopping journey and how she began My Year Without Clothes Shopping.

6. Nahida at The Fatal Feminist lists out some of the hilarious reviews people have given for the new BIC Cristal For Her pens.

7. You’ve probably read a lot about the right undergarments, but Imogen at Inside Out Style minces no words as she tells you how underthings should appear (or rather disappear) beneath clothes.

8. If you find yourself kicking your own butt a little too much, you’re in need of some self love. Henrik Edberg at The Positivity Blog lists 9 ways to be kind to yourself

9. We all know that covering yourself from head to toe in brands isn’t all that cool. But what about the other end of the spectrum? J from J’s Everyday Fashion gives you tips on how not to look cheap.

10. If like me, you love hot dogs, then you’ll drool at this recipe – Pretzel dogs by Michelle at Brown Eyed Baker.

11. Finally, Neil describes the awesomest way to settle any dispute, big or small – Rock-Paper-Scissors, only at 1000 Awesome Things.

It’s really cold here with all the rain, and I can’t wait to snuggle up with Cub under my soft blanket. So hope you guys enjoy reading the links, and those of you who have monsoons, enjoy the rains as well!

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  1. interesting post,, I loved the braid styles!! cool

  2. hahha!! the garfield cartoon..this cat always rocks!!!

    yeah, there's a certain joy of staying indoors :)

    1. Garfield is my go-to person/cat whenever I'm in
      a foul mood!!