Half Century!! Yay!!

1:22:00 pm

My fiftieth post!!! Yahooooo!!!!! I have actually written 50 blog posts!!! Wow, wasn’t sure this day would come so soon :-). Feels real good!!!

Whew, that’s a lot of exclamation marks ;-), well, just goes to describe how I’m feeling right now. I’m really loving blogging, even for all the unpredictability that goes with it; some days, my fingers are flying across the keyboard, and on some others I wonder what I was thinking when I started the blog :-).

I was real lonely, in terms of having no friends at all around when I started out, but now I feel like I have connections with so many women around the globe!!! It really, really feels soo much better. I can talk about anything I want to, and I know there will definitely be someone out there who will share my feelings. This may sound kinda crazy, but I find it quite comforting. This milestone is dedicated to all my blog buddies, everyone who reads and comments on my posts as well as others whose blogs have made a difference in my life. Here’s to you, guys!!!

Well, today is also my dear brother’s birthday, so here’s wishing you a great day, Bro and many, many more wonderful birthdays ahead!!! This is a pic that was taken on his 2nd birthday, and that’s me helping him cut the cake. It’s not very clear here, but I'm pretty sure he was ready to jump into it!!

Okay, I’m practically bursting with excitement now, so I better make a move. Again, a huge thank you to all you guys!!!!

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  1. congrats:). You are one blogger I love reading:). Keep posting....

  2. @opal Thank you so much, Opal!! I love your blog too, our jewelry tastes are very similar :-))

  3. congrats...n all the best for this amazing blog of yours....

  4. yayyy..Congrats :) Here's to many more posts from you!!

  5. @Natasha Thanks, Natasha, for all your encouraging words!!

  6. amazing blog...kiss