White Weekends!

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A beautiful new week has dawned!! This month is really rushing by!! It feels like October just began day before yesterday, and now we’re already past the middle of the month! Whew!

Today, is my latest attempt at an outfit post. Actually, it’s two outfits. Last weekend my grandmother had a Sunday brunch at her place for the entire ‘khandaan’. Ok, Sunday brunch sounds too fancy for what actually happened. Most of us were running behind our preschoolers/toddlers, while those in the 12-18 age group were busy discussing Ra.One and the aunties were gossiping about, well, I don’t really know, I was running behind little wild animals, remember?

Anyway, I wore an all white cotton kurta with chikan work and a blue bandhini dupatta. And of course, a white bottom as well. This is one of my most comfortable outfits, especially on a bright sunny day.

I went for my multicolored thread bangle on one hand and some jangly metal ones on the other. Nope, no watch!

I loooove these bangles. I also have a similar set in gold. They are so versatile and you can wear as few or as many as you like. And even mix and match to create interesting stacks.

I wore a pair of little jhumka-hoops. These have got to be my most worn earrings:

White Chikan Work Kurta (Tunic) – A small store in Bombay
White Chudidar (Bottoms) – Max
Blue Bandhini Dupatta – Commercial Street, Bangalore
Earrings – Commercial Street, Bangalore
Multicolored Bangle – Tribal Zone
Metal Bangles – Don’t remember :-(
Nude flat sandals - Mochi

Yesterday, we went out shopping for my sister, and for some reason, I chose white again. Only this time I paired it with a printed mul dupatta, which I simply adore. Another perfect summer outfit. (I know, my fall fashion leaves a lot to be desired). I wore my multicolored Kohlapuris and beads for some color.

A close up of the dupatta print:

A close up of the work on the kurta and my chunky bead necklace (another really versatile piece):

My favorite watch,

And a pair of earrings I got free with a shampoo!!

 White kurta – Westside
Printed Mul Dupatta – Fabindia
Chunky Bead Necklace – People
Watch – Titan Raga
Kohlapuris – Local Exhibition

You can see a close up of the Kohlapuris here. Have I mentioned how absolutely comfortable these Kohlapuris are? I could walk around in them all day and not feel a thing. They really are like walking barefoot (in a good sense :-)).

I carried a black baggit bag, but couldn’t get a photo. So, isn’t this outfit post better than the last one I did? I think the pictures at least, are far better, right?

In other news, I baked a plain sponge cake last week. It was supposed to be split into two and sandwiched with jam in between, but I left it as a single cake and decorated the top with Nutella and Cadbury’s gems. Needless to say, Cub was over the moon!! He had it for breakfast, took it to school for his snack, had it for his tea time snack and then had a piece after dinner. I just couldn’t stop him! (And it was kind of flattering!!). After all that sugar, this week is going to be fruit week for him!!

Oh, and here’re the pics:

So, that was my weekend. Hope everyone’s looking forward to a great week ahead!

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  1. Loving all that white on you......very refreshing & summery! :)

    P.S.: That cake looks yummy!! Wish I could get a piece out of that! ;)

  2. @Polka Princess Thank you!! And I don't want to boast but yes, the cake was yummy - all spongy perfection!!

  3. You are making me hungry !!! I alway love a white churidaar kameez, reminds me of Chandini :)

    ♡ from © tanvii.com


  5. @Tanvi Oh, now I want to listen to 'Mere haathon mein nau nau choodiyan hai'!!

  6. I wore exactly the same some days back...White Chikan Kurta and white Churidaar...but I took a Red bandhini dupatta instead (as I had a red one :P but blue looks better). I love your Mul dupatta...its sooooooo beautiful.
    & That cake...wish I could have a bite ;)

  7. @Swarnali I love my Mul dupatta too!! So soft and doesn't crinkle like my other cotton dupattas. I'll try to post the cake recipe soon, maybe you can try it out!

  8. everything looks great.... such intricate design on the kurta...its so elegant :) and the cake... thats a great idea of using nutella to top it :)

  9. @Ramya Nutella is a sure fire way to win any kid's heart (and mine too)!!!

  10. Really like the colorful bangle :)