DIY Experiments!

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Had a pretty blah weekend, the downside being that Cub was a little under the weather. He’s at home now, enjoying Tiny TV, which he would otherwise miss, being at playschool at that time. Tiny TV has suddenly rekindled a whole new love for Noddy ,with Noddy’s car being the number one item on his current wish list (yes, even he has a wish list :-)). He already has Noddy’s train set with two other characters, but for some reason, only Noddy is permitted to drive the engine :-)).

Tough Luck, guys!!Only I get to drive!!

Image Courtesy: comparestoreprices

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to do some crafting for a while now, and when I came across some ideas from two enormously talented crafters, I decided to give it a try.

The first one I attempted was a statement necklace done by Amie of Kitty Cats and Airplanes.

I am a huge fan of Amie, she’s extremely talented, very sweet and oh-so-funny!! Her blog just brims with positive energy and it is hard for anyone to remain sullen after reading her posts. To know the story behind her blog name, you’ll have to go ahead and read it!!

So, I started out just like she explained in her tutorial, but since my stupid, stupid glue didn’t work at all, I ended up sewing all the supposed-to-be-stuck parts. And that was very tiring, not to mention that the end product wasn’t half as good as Amie’s :-(. 

The second one was a recycled magazine pendant by Craftstylish. This is a lot easier and turns out better too, though I doubt if I would actually wear it. It, however, makes a great activity for kids in the age group 4 – 12, especially girls.

Beware, this is addictive. Look, I made another one!! (Sorry for the crappy pic, twas taken on my phone)

Well, I am loving the crafty new me!!! I have some more DIY stuff lined up, which I hope will turn out better than my previous attempts ;-).

Are you interested in making your own clothes or jewellery?? Do post your DIY links in the comments section!!

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  1. Your Rose bib necklace looks really pretty,maybe not as good as Amie's(she's a pro at all these after all!!) but not bad either!! I would say,its pretty good for a beginner :D

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  3. @Swarnali Thanks, Swarnali, those are really encouraging words :-))

  4. I tried making the lace hair clip,but with ribbons,will post my DIY experiment soon :D

  5. that neck-piece is stunning...i too love DIY

    1. Thank you, Pavani!! My latest DIY has been paused for quite a while now :-(