Weekly Goals Update – 11 March 2012

5:03:00 pm

1. Worked out 3 days for 45 minutes and walked a bit on 2 days.
2. Lots and lots of housework
3. Cleaned out my magazine stock. Whew, that was quite an effort.
4. My overeating at dinner was comparatively better than the last weeks.
5. Took Cub out to the mall and spent a whole day having fun, just the two of us.

1. I’ve been Ms. Nags-a-lot the whole week. I honestly don’t know how the others put up with me.
2. I wasn’t a good girl with my prayers.
3. My blog schedule is lagging behind. Especially on my goal of two outfit posts per month!
4. Slept and woke up late every day. I’ve discovered the main reason for this is watching ‘Supernatural’ till 10:00 pm. If you’ve watched the show, you know it’s not very conducive to sleep. Damn you, Dean Winchester!!

 Image Source: fanpop
Ciao for now!!

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