Weekly Goals Update – 4 March 2012

10:26:00 am

This week was wayyy better than the last. I’m happy!!

1. Worked out 5 days for 45 minutes and went on a brisk walk on the 6th day. Yayyy!!!!
2. Did some household deep cleaning
3. Did a complete overhaul of Cub’s room
4. Had 2-3 servings of fruit every day.
5. Read books with Cub and made a craft with him:

Meet Can Man. He was made out of an empty pepsi can, empty playdoh tub, colored paper and lots of glue and tape. Somewhere along the way, Cub lost interest and began randomly chopping up bits of paper. As expected, I had to finish poor Can Man myself. Doesn't he look dapper?

1. Overate. I won’t say when.
2. Blogging was behind schedule.
3. Nagged hubby and Cub together. Nagging level 3.
4. Didn’t catch up on the news much.
5. Slept and woke up late nearly every day.

Monthly Review – Feb:

Feb has not been as good as Jan, though I’ve tried to pick up in the last week. My nagging was much less and I did pay attention to my water intake. Plus, Cub and I spent some quality time together. My overeating continues to put a wrench in my weight loss plans and my schedules are all a bit off. Some organizing seems to be due in March!!
Another thing I’ve realized is that I’ve got to shift my workouts in the early morning. Mid-mornings are becoming too hot and uncomfortable.

Hope everyone’s had a great start to marchy March!!! Enjoy the cool weather while it lasts!!

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  1. I remember making paper dolls and similar can men and women with my dad,when I was a kid :D
    Your can man is really cute.
    The heat has already started to kill me...how I wish spring had stayed a bit longer :(

    1. My brother and I used to make a whole bunch of can people too, I remember making a can bride using tissue paper as the veil :-)

  2. OMG..That is the cutest thing I have ever seen..That can man looks adorable :)