Weekly Goals Update – 18 March 2012

6:33:00 pm

I got stuck with a nasty cold last week. No matter what I did or took, it just wasn’t going away!! I’m better now, albeit with a nasal twang. This is the perfect time for me to practice ‘Hits of Himesh’.

1. Didn’t or rather couldn’t eat much. Illnesses do that to you.
2. Stayed away from cake at sister’s birthday.
3. Read a book – ‘Confessions of a Serial Dieter’ by Kalli Purie
4. Made a craft with Cub – a little lighthouse, the top part of which actually turns! (That golden cone is a beam of light :-))

I actually got inspired *cough* copied *cough* from this. It’s um….leaning… a little, I know, but anyways. It’s made with an empty plastic bottle, paper cup and usual craft supplies.
1. Worked out only 2 days. Again, illnesses do that to you.
2. Cleaning, blogging - all off schedule.
3. Didn’t read the papers much.
4. My sleep timings are still kind of messy.

This offered me a lot of comfort the past week – hot coffee with some Chips Ahoy! Cookies:

It’s getting real hot, isn’t it? Guess, everyone’s got their cottons and linens out already!! See you guys later!!

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  1. yupps its getting warm girl!!!

    I have heard about Kalli's book..and maybe i might pick it too!!!


    1. It's an interesting read, plan on doing a review soon!!