Link List – May

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May is finally over. An eventful month for me, as I’ve mentioned here. Now on with some great links to check out!!

1 You’ve heard it a lot, but ever wondered what the word ‘chic’ actually signifies? Sal at Already Pretty explains. 

2. Want to eat healthy, but simply can’t stay away from junk food? FitStudio tells you how to get that fix, and yet stay within limits.

3 It isn’t easy to explain success in a generic sense, but J’s Everyday Fashion makes a pretty good attempt.

4 Stephanie provides you a detailed step by step tutorial on how to groom your eyebrows, at ClothedMuch.

5 If you’re a loss when it comes to accessories, Imogen at Inside Out Style shares some tips on how to use them to highlight your best features.

6. Setting up a home office? You’ll be overflowing with ideas after checking out StyleFrost’s post on the same.

7. Adrienne at The Rich Life (on a budget) explains the joys and tribulations of being a stepmother. A wonderful, heartfelt read.

8. From the DIY basket: Aayushi at Styldrv has a great tutorial on making some plain shoes super glam without much effort.

9. You’ve probably heard all these before, but Laura has some really sensible tips to help you clean out your clothes clutter in a pdf form at I’m an Organizing Junkie. Print out and pin up on your wardrobe door. (Save it to your smartphone too, for good measure)

10. I love everything about Karishma’s outfit at Purple Peeptoes – when was the last time you saw a simple black top-blue jeans pairing look so stylish?

11. All of us make new resolutions at the start of the year and then let go blaming one thing or the other. Jerome at Daily Spark tells you how to take responsibility for your actions.

12. Do you wonder what happens to all those hours in your day? How did all that time just pass by? Stop wondering with this nifty time management tool at Real Simple.

13. Another one from Imogen at Inside Out Style – Pretty much everything you need to know about a pair of jeans.

Hope you guys enjoyed the links, see you all in June!!

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  1. Bookmarking this for weekend reads...Enjoyed a few picture heavy links!!

    How you have been??

    A Pearl Collar Necklace, Back with Bangs and Life Lately!!

    1. I'm fine Lipsy!! Thank you for stopping by, glad you enjoyed the links :-)