Another Blog Award!! (And a tag!)

12:10:00 pm

I’ve received another blog award!! The Sunshine Award from the wonderful, sweet and talented Swarnali of ‘Dreams n Drama’. Thank you so much Swarnali, I’m so happy!!! You have got to check out her blog, she puts up very interesting book reviews and is also a really good sketch artist!!

Again, Thank you Swarnali!!

Rules of the Sunshine Award:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award

2. Write a post about it

3. Answer the questions that come with it

4. Pass it along to ten people and let them know about it

Here are my answers to the questions that came with the award:

Favorite Color: Pink. Yes, as girlie as can be.
Favorite Animal: I’m not really an animal lover, but if I was, I guess I’d choose cats.
Favorite Number: Umm, don’t really have one. Never thought about it, actually.
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Lemonade. Refreshing!!!
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook.
My Passion: Shopping. Cooking. No, shopping. No, wait…oh well, both.
Getting or Giving Presents: Giving, definitely. I love the whole shopping-gift wrapping-ribbon tying exercise. And yes, the smile on the recipient's face is the icing on the cake.
Favorite Flower: Roses, I guess. Again, not given much thought to it.
Favorite Celebrity Role Model: Mmmm….nope, no one at all.

Ok, that was the Blog Award part. Swarnali has also tagged me with some questions.

Rules of the Tag:

1. Post the rules on the blog

2. Every tagged person needs to:
          a. Tell everyone 11 things about themselves
          b. Answer 11 questions asked by the tagger
          c. Tag 11 other people and ask them a different set of 11 questions

3. Let people know once you’ve tagged them

4. Don’t tag anyone you’ve tagged before

5. Really tag 11 others and don’t do the “if you want to take this tag” thing.

Alright, now Tag Time.

11 things about me:

1. I spent 14 years of my life, from age 1 to 15, in Bahrain. So, I basically grew up there.

2. I cannot resist a ‘Sale’ sign.

3. I have ornithophobia. Yes, I’m terrified of birds. Even a feather can send me running.

4. My sister is 14 years younger than me.

5. Chocolate is my first choice in flavors. No vanilla/strawberry/xyz for me, please.

6. I still stop at the Barbie sections in toy stores and drool at the pinkness of it all.

7. I got married at age 21. No, I did not elope. You won’t believe how many times I’ve been asked that.

8. I love visiting museums, palaces and art galleries. This confession probably puts me in several people’s ‘Most boring’ lists.

9. Right out of school, I wanted to be a journalist.

10. I identify with Monica from Friends. I can’t stand messy surroundings or misplaced stuff.

11. I still don’t know if I’m a bag person or a shoe person.

11 questions asked by Swarnali:

1. Why and what made you start blogging?
I think it was mainly the lack of friends, of not having someone to talk to about normal, girl stuff.

2. Did you meet any of your fellow bloggers?? How was the experience?
Sadly, No.

3. Is there any regular regimen that you follow religiously? What is it?
My two cups of tea per day. Also, my bedtime ritual is pretty much like clockwork.

4. What is your favorite dish?

5. What do you like about my blog? (assuming you read it :P)
Your style of writing is unique and it’s always interesting to read your posts. Also, I get ideas of the good books to check out next :-).

6. Do you think I should add something or remove anything from my blog? What is it?
Like I said, it is unique. Wouldn’t want to change anything now.

7. What is your favorite pastime?
Reading, Baking, Online window shopping

8. What is your favorite book, favorite movie and your favorite song? (ow thats 3 questions actually :P)
My favorite book is Wuthering Heights, movie is Home Alone, song is Hothon se choo lo tum by Jagjit Singh; love the music and lyrics of that song.

9. Who is the most inspiring person in your life?
I can’t name an individual; I’d rather say my family as a single unit.

10. Has there been any drastic change in you in the past 5-10 years? If yes, what is it?
The past decade has been full of milestones – getting married, graduating, living alone, getting a job etc. but I think becoming a mother has brought on the biggest change in me.

11. Who is/are your favorite blogger(s)?
I have too many favorites to fit in here :-)

11 people I’m tagging:

I’m sorry, but I can’t think of 11 people to tag or 10 to pass the blog award to. So I’m tagging just 5 lovely bloggers here, who are also the newest recipients of the Sunshine Blog Award:

1. Natasha at Chicklogs
2. Lipsy at Fashion Quotient
4. Jahn at Jahn 'n Style
5. Shooting Star at My Unfinished Life

11 questions for the people I’ve tagged:

1. What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
2. What is the one thing you admire the most about yourself?
3. What do you think is the biggest plus of blogging?
4. What is the biggest minus of blogging?
5. What is the one fashion item you will not mind spending on?
6. Quick one: Tea or Coffee?
7. Which is the best part of your day?
8. What is the last movie you’ve watched?
9. What is the weirdest thing you’ve done, fashion/beauty wise?
10. Do you read my blog? If you do, what is the one thing you like about it?
11. Part II to above – what is the one thing you’d like me to change in my blog?

All done!! Wow, long post!! Hope it wasn’t too boring :-). See you guys later!!

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  1. Interesting answers :D
    I never understood why people could be scared of birds!!(no offence to you,I can understand that phobias are unexplainable). Have you by any chance watched the movie "The Birds",if you haven't then don't..your phobia might get worse.
    Home Alone is such a cute movie,I love it too and I drink two cups of tea everyday too!! :D
    I'm not as good as you say :P
    p.s.-the two word security hasn't gone yet :(

  2. Oh no, just reading about that movie gives me the shivers. And really sorry about the security thing. I think it's taken care of for now.

  3. congrats on the sunshine award! and one of us wanted to be a journalist right after school too.. ;)

    1. Thank you!! Maybe, one day, we will live out our dream!!

  4. Congratulations !! :D Barbie dolls have that effect on me too :D

    1. Wow, it's soo good to see a fellow Barbie fan :-)

  5. Congrats, but why do people ask about your elopement? Are you like Kareena of jab we met?

    1. I'm not sure, but I guess it's because they think 21 is too young to get married the 'proper' way ;-). And no, I'm miles apart from Kareena in Jab We Met :-)))

  6. thank you so much for the award!! I've been in-active in blogosphere...checking you post only now! thanks again! :)