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I’ve always loved checking out how other women organize their closets, makeup, jewellery etc. on their blogs (Nosey, right? :-)). So, I thought I’d share some of my organizing solutions on my blog as well. Here goes!

Disclaimer: This is a picture heavy post!

1. Makeup Organizer

This little plastic organizer has little compartments that are perfect for a lipstick/mascara/kajal to fit in. It’s also got a drawer at the bottom for wider stuff. This clever little guy is from Dubai.

2. Cadbury Jewels Chocolate Box

This is to show how much I am into recycling :-). This box was a gift from an uncle. Once we finished up the goodies inside, we wondered what to do with the box – it looked too useful to throw away. And so it became a home for hair accessories. However, this doesn’t hold much, so I have the rest of my stuff stashed away in another Cadbury chocolate box!!

3. Bunny Basket

I got this basket from Crawford Market, Mumbai. I liked the bunny and the lace and didn’t really have a specific purpose at the time. I use it to put in sundry items like pins, a clip, phone etc.

Close up of the bunny pulling the basket:

4. Cutlery Tray

Yup, you read right, a cutlery tray! My drawers were a mess till I put this in. Now its all neat and organized.

5. Scarf and Belt Hanger

This red plastic hanger is really useful behind a cupboard door or on the wall behind the door. This one is from a store in Bangalore. 

6. Trouser Hanger

This Trouser Hanger from Big Bazaar comes in handy for heavier shawls and stoles. Also, it saves space since I can hang stuff in vertical layers.

7. Ferrero Rocher Box

I can hear you asking, “What’s with all the chocolate boxes?” Can’t help it, we have relatives abroad who always land at our place with boxes like these. And all the pretty boxes find alternate careers once the chocolates have gone their way :-). This one’s for my earrings. I might have to get another one soon, the pairs have begun waging war on each other!

8. Divided Plastic Box

This is a commonly available box with a lid and works for me since I don’t have a huge necklace collection and need to put just one or two pieces in each compartment.

9. Plastic Bangle Box

Another commonly available plastic commodity. It's not very durable however, and trying to get at a bangle stuck in the middle is a bit of a chore. Also, my chunkier wooden bangles don’t fit here.

10. Travel Makeup Pouch

Ok, this isn’t an organizing solution, just thought I’d show it here anyways :-).Got it as a gift.

Bonus two (not exactly my solutions :-))

11. Foldable Earring Box

This one came at an exhibition. It’s actually my Mom’s, I just sneaked it away for this post :-)

12. Wooden Bangle Stand

This one is my sister’s. She hangs her bangles, bracelets, necklaces all on this stand. I really like this and I’m gonna get one for myself soon. My Dad got it while on a train to Delhi. Honestly, you get some really cool stuff on Indian trains!!

So those were my (and Mom’s and Sis’) accessory organizers!! How do you guys organize your stuff? Do tell!!

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  1. Great Organization!!! Very innovative. I organize few things in the same manner but the Ferrero Rocher one was a good one! Two Thumbs Up!

    ♡ from ©

  2. Wow..I absolutely love how you have recycled so many things..The Ferrero Rocher is such a great creative way to organize :)

  3. @NatashaThanks!! That idea struck me the minute I saw the empty box!

  4. I loved the ferrero rocher box so creative...gosh I have wasted so many of them!!!

    Thanks for visiting and yeah u can buy floral scarf from vero moda..they have a good range...

  5. @LipsyThanks!! Yeah, got to try out Vero Moda :-)

  6. Wow...very creative way to organize!! Love your ideas!! :)

  7. wow so many beautiful accessories!!! I want them all!! These are great organizing tips, i need help with that department! Great blog, i am now following you! Follow me back if you like? :)

  8. @Marcia B.
    Thanks for stopping by,Marcia! Sure, I'll follow you!

  9. What a terrific post ..I'm loving all those chocolate box organisers, n the trouser hanger n the bunny basket...super inspiration!

  10. I love your creative ideas! :)
    But the best of the lot has to be the wooden bangle holder! :) Its just so antique and beautiful!

  11. @KalyaniThanks!! It really is amazing what you can do with differently-shaped chocolate boxes :-)

  12. @A Lot Like FashionI know..I love it too!! It can also be dismantled and transported easily!!

  13. Love this post! I've been searching for ways to improve my own makeup/jewellery storage. I use all sorts of boxes too, but it still feels really unorganized with stuff spilling out!
    Where did you get the cutlery tray?

  14. @Poohkie
    You'll get it at most crockery stores or big supermarkets..I found one at Spar supermarket :-)

  15. Love all your pictures--great tips for getting organized. I hope you'll swing by Momtrends and share this post on our Monday Mingle fashion linky:

  16. that was neat.. I too used the Ferrero Roche box as my bangle and earring box. Now my days are mostly being a housewife and a mom.. so these have been obsolete to me now.. I mostly wear gold to avoid changing every now and then.. and my wont spare a thing,if i put them on display

  17. @Nicole FelicianoThank you,Nicole! I've shared my post on Monday Mingle :-)

  18. @Hema
    I'm a housewife and mom too!! Yes, its tough keeping all my stuff safe from the destructive hands of a 3 year old, but high shelves and cupboard locks usually work :-)

  19. Can you come organize me? My scarves totally need a home like that!

  20. @Kristin
    I think they have similar in Ikea :-)

  21. very very useful tips...loved ur organisation i too have the habit of watching these videos on youtube endlessly...n hey i too store my ear-rings in a swiss chocolate box..mine r overflowing too,thinking of buying plastic box with small divisions.i saw in a crafts store n now want to get it...
    i like to add one-for my tic-hair pins storage,i just clip them to a greeting card,that way it will easy for me to find them in th emorning..will do a post on it soon...u have a nice blog

    1. That's a great tip! I found a similar tip about pinning them to the end of a toilet roll, and fitting scrunchies around it!

  22. HEY,You have got some real useful tips here.Being a organized person myself,I love doing up crafty things to store my personal belongings.Few days back i discovered a hand mural & now its my beads & bracelet hanger.

    1. Crafty stuff is the best way to store things - everything's organized and you have home decor at the same time :-)

  23. If you have a cluttered or messy closet that needs to be straightened up, a closet organizer system may provide a practical and easy solution.

  24. Very helpful post. I loved all the ideas particularly the cutlery one in drawer. And yes, i am going to gift myself Ferro Rocher soon.

    BTW you have a lovely collection. Why not a post on display of your earrings. I would love to have a look at that !

    1. Glad you liked the post!! And thank you, I do have a soft spot for earrings :). I don't do too many fashion posts now, but I'll think of your idea when I do the next one!