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6:20:00 pm

I’m down with a cold, and a runny nose (sniffle). So while I comfort myself with some hot chocolate, you guys go ahead and check out some cool stuff posted by some cool people out there.

Image Courtesy: Buzzle

Starting with something yum - Purple Foodie has something for those cold, wintry days; guaranteed to make you feel warm all over.

Sal at Already Pretty has some very, very important information to share: the most dreaded fashion mistakes.

For those who are married or in a relationship, Sheila of ‘To Love, Honor and Vacuum’ has some sensible but oft-ignored suggestions.

Whether you are the ‘crafty’ type or not, you are going to be hugely impressed by Linda’s craft room at Craftaholics Anonymous.

Again from Sal, a beautiful post on honoring your beauty.

An interesting post about stuff you can’t really eat gracefully at 1000 awesome things. I’m sure we can add to the list :-).

You’ve probably already seen this, but if you haven’t, hurry over and check out Prutha’s post at Don’t Shoe Me. I’m not saying anything more. A picture is worth a thousand words, and Prutha’s pics are probably worth more.

The beautiful Emily from ‘The Lovely Things’ has guest posted at ‘Clothed Much’ about how modesty can also be sexy.

A lovely post about how awesome Dads are at 1000 awesome things. Very sweet and moving.

Ever had days when you’re so uninspired, you could actually walk out your door in a potato sack and not care?? Charlotte has some great tips for such days at Girl Next Door Fashion.

Finally, lots of people have tips about how to shop, it being the sale season and all. But do you know the 10 things you shouldn’t do while shopping?? Debbie tells you what they are at Day 2 Day Personal Concierge.

Tell me which link you liked the most!! Achoo!! Gotta go now, hope everyone’s had a great start to the week!

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  1. gr8 post !
    btw i wud love if u cud tell me hw u made dt hot chocolate ! luks delicious :)

    1. Oh, I didn't make the one in the picture!! That was from You can get the recipe here: Try it out!!