Toy Review – ‘Bheem Team’ by MadRat Games

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If you are a mom and you haven’t heard of MadRat Games till now, you must have been living under a rock!! The award winning company has released several board games and craft kits, which are tailor made for Indian kids. They started out with the ‘My Toy Factory’ kits as well as 'Aksharit' – a completely innovative game to help learn Hindi alphabets. You can catch my review of ‘My Toy Factory’ here. 

MadRat now has a slew of new games, this time including popular characters from Indian shows for kids. And when you think of Indian cartoon characters, what is the first name that pops to mind?? Why, Chhota Bheem, of course!!! And they were kind enough to send me a Bheem game for review, called ‘Bheem Team’.

Chhota Bheem, being the celebrity that he is, immediately caught Cub’s attention and he was all over the box. I had to pry it away from his stubborn hands to take pictures!!

Name of the Game: Bheem Team

Price: Rs. 225.00

Age: 4 years plus

No. of players: 2 to 4

Review: The box is nice and sturdy and opens to reveal a catalogue, an instruction sheet and the actual game pieces.

(P.S. – Isn’t it adorable that they call the catalogue a ‘Ratalogue’ J)

The Game contains four Bheem Team Maps, with each team having a different name, as well as lots and lots of character cards, each card displaying a Chhota Bheem character.

The game works like this: You, the player, are Chhota Bheem. Your friends, i.e. your team members as displayed on your Team Map, have been kidnapped by the evil Daku Mangal Singh. It is your job to rescue your friends as soon as possible.

You start by laying out the character cards face down in a grid. Each player is given a Team Map and the youngest player starts by flipping over a card and showing everyone the character on it. If it matches with any of the pictures on his map, he places it there. Else he puts it back, face down, and the next player gets his turn. The first player to fill up his Team Map wins.

Sounds easy?? Not so fast!! Daku Mangal Singh has his eyes on you, and you might just flip a card to discover the Daku’s menacing glare directed towards you!! If that happens, you lose that turn and the next.

But you can save yourself from the Daku’s clutches if you’ve got…….yes, LADDOO POWER!!!! Get yourself a Laddoo card and keep it to use it to free yourself in case the Daku catches you.

There’s also a Shuffle card which means rearranging all the cards so that the positions all get mixed up. Believe me, the shuffle card is quite a mischief maker!

This was an enjoyable game, and was good bonding time for us, Mom-son duo. The next day, our neighbors kids came over and they all played together, amidst a lot of laughter and fun. This is also Cub’s first ever board game, and I don’t think I could have asked for anything better to introduce him to the wonderful world of board games!

Here’s my review in a nutshell:


1. Features every kids’ favorite character, Chhota Bheem.
2. The basic game is very easy to understand for the prescribed age group.
3. The Daku, Laddoo and Shuffle cards add some interesting twists to the game.
4. It encourages concentration and memory skills
5. Brightly colored and good quality box and game pieces
6. Affordably priced
7. Easily available in stores and online shopping portals
8. Easy to put away; all the pieces fit neatly back into the box.


1. Some familiarity with Chhota Bheem characters is a plus, though it’s unlikely any kid wouldn’t have that J

This is a game I would definitely recommend. It also makes a great gift. I should also mention that there are hardly any opportunities for arguments or tussles between the players J.

You can buy this fun game at Flipkart, Hoopos or Shopo. Flipkart also has a combo offer going on now – get the ‘Bheem Team’ game and ‘The King of Laddoos’ Board Game at only 382.00! This toy is also available in major toy stores J.

You may check out their website here and ‘Like’ them on Facebook here

Disclosure: The company sent me the product for review purposes, but all opinions mentioned are my own.

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