Weekly Goals Update – 20 May 2012

5:40:00 pm

A hectic week gone by!! My birthday midweek, then a cousin’s wedding on the weekend. Needless to say, lots of chomping!!!

1. Worked out 5 days of the week.
2. Prayers were mostly regular.
3. Had a good fruit intake
4. Did some household deep cleaning

1. Overate on quite a few days. Weddings, sigh!!!!
2. Didn’t read to Cub at all.
3. Watched too much TV
4. Got up late almost everyday

I had a great birthday, with electronic stuff dominating my gift list. My siblings gifted me a watch and my hubby, a phone!!

I got a phone cover from Chumbak too :-))). Isn’t it all colorful and fun-looking?

I also attempted a 30 Layered Cake, from this recipe at Ria’s Collection. Of course, hers looks much better than mine :-).

Oh boy, I am 30 years old!!! I don’t know why, but this has made me majorly excited…like I’m about to do something great now, maybe save the world or something!!! Yeah, okay, I’m nuts, so I’ll leave you guys with a little dose of good old Garfield!!

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