Major Footwear Haul!

4:33:00 pm

Thanks to you guys for the lovely comments on my last post!! And most of all, thank you for sticking around in spite of my irregular blogging :-).

Here is the footwear section of our wedding shopping. I have excluded the men stuff, because let’s be honest, they’re kind of boring to look at :-).

Most of the wedding shopping was from Kozhikode. This footwear haul was from Metro, Reliance Footprint and Westlife (a store in Kozhikode).

First of all, these are mine :-). Love the brocade on the sole, and yes, it is very shiny :-).

My Mom’s slightly less shinier sandals:

These are for the bride. They are very sparkly, I couldn’t capture it in the photo, though.

Another pair for the bride from Westlife, Kozhikode.

My sister got these from Reliance Footprint during the sale. She paid just 199.00 after discount!

We also got the bride a blingy clutch from Metro:

I honestly think Metro has some great picks for weddings and festivals. Most places offer only high heels in this category, but Metro has a variety of comfortable heels, and they’re blingy without looking tacky. Not to mention reasonably priced.

Since we were anyway in shopping mode, my Mom decided she might as well get herself some everyday pairs of shoes. She’s just recently discovered the wonders of online shopping, and now she’s pretty much addicted. Need proof? Look at the pic below:

All these pairs are from Myntra – and every one of them were on discount :-).

My Mom got four pairs in basic colors for daily wear – black, beige, brown and grey.

Of them all, she’s in love with the black pumps. They’re super comfortable and look really glam too.

And while she was at it, she also got a bag from bagskart:

This pretty much explains my shopaholic genes, doesn’t it?

I’ll also take this opportunity to share some of my recent footwear purchases too :-).

Beige wedges from Max:

I’ve been looking for these for a long time. I also got a couple of Catwalk pairs online:

I’ve been looking for something in blue for a while, and then these beaded babies from Lime Road caught my eye – at only 699.00. They’re very comfortable; I’ve worn them for a whole day of shopping and my feet didn’t complain.

These brown sandals have been on my wishlist for a long time. I’ve tried them out in the store and loved how they felt, but somehow I didn’t buy them. When I spotted them on discount, I didn’t think twice – grabbed them while they lasted in my size!!

Don’t let it’s simple appearance deceive you. Slipping into these feels like walking on a cloud; I’m not kidding!

You’d think that I’d be done with shoe shopping for a while. But no- I’m still looking for those perfect black ballet flats!! Before I make you guys vomit due to footwear-overdose-induced-nausea, I think I’ll wind up this post with a little cartoon. See you guys soon with another wedding post!!

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  1. gosh!!! i'm drooling at the sandles out there... your mom has made some awesome selection for herself! especially love that elle for the bride, simple... :)

    1. Thank you, Rafeeda!! Yup, those are really simple sandals, and extremely comfortable too :-)

  2. Wow!! That is some shoe shopping:-) shopping is truly addictive especially the bargains..i loved your beige wedge sandals and your sister's Reliance footprint ones..very pretty!

    1. It is seriously addictive - soon we'll need rehab programs!!! Those wedges have been on my list for a long time, I was delighted when I found them :-)

  3. That is some shopping haul! And its my fav kind - shoes! :)

    1. I know - I really can't seem to resist a good pair!

  4. Though I buy shoes and sandals...I always turn back to my rusty-worn out-basic black flats. After seeing their condition my office mate offered to buy me a new one :p

    1. That is funny :-). I really need black ballerinas, for those times when I need to rush out and there's no time to stand staring at my shoe rack.