Review: Smart Eats Snack Box - No More Unhealthy Snacking!

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We all have that particular time of the day when we feel a certain ‘slump’. For most of us it’s either in the afternoon, or early evening, or around mid morning. Things look like they’re moving in slow motion, and you just want to laze away.

What’s the most common way we battle the slump? Yup, with something to eat. There is no denying the kind of comfort we get by chewing something, enjoying the flavors and then the feeling of contentment once it’s settled down in our tummy :-). But when it’s week after week of samosas, chocolates, cappuccinos and chips, this very enjoyment turns into terror as said tummy begins to expand!!

It’s to counter this kind of unhealthy snacking that the smart folks at Smart Eats have developed the Smart Snack Box. With a variety of 4-5 snacks in a box, you are all set for a month of healthy albeit yummy snacking!!

If you’re like me, you probably go crazy in the supermarket, trying to decode ingredient labels. In such a situation, a subscription system that sends healthy snacks to your doorstep is heaven sent!!

The snacks are 100 % natural and devoid of artificial color, flavor, sweeteners or preservatives. They are made entirely from whole grain, contain 0% trans fat, 0% maida, are high in micro nutrients, high in Fiber and have balanced calories. 

If you’re concerned about taste, then you’ll be pleased to know that well known nutritionist, Sangeeta Khanna, is their ‘Recipe Scientist’. Interested? Keep reading!!

The snacks arrived in a nice sturdy brown cardboard box that was securely wrapped in plastic.

I could barely contain myself when it came to opening the box :-). Inside, it was filled with four plastic packets of snacks. Oooh!

The healthy foursome included the following: Fruity Granola Bar, Fruity Caribbean Cashew Cookies, Tangy Sweet Roasted Mixture and Honey Roasted Cinnamon Almonds.

The Fruity Granola Bar is my favorite snack in the whole box. Each bar comes individually wrapped and contains oats, almonds, coconut and fruit. The bar is chewy, which is perfect, since it allows you to enjoy the flavors well, and doesn’t give you that disappointed feeling when something you put in your mouth just disappears in an instant. With a lovely nutty taste, it is wholesome and I didn’t even feel hungry by dinner time!!

Calories: 84 per bar (approx), Shelf Life: 1 month

The Tangy Sweet Roasted Mixture is the savory pick of the box. This is probably meant for Namkeen lovers :-). It has chana, peas, peanuts and puffed rice with a variety of spices. The sweet and sour taste is reminiscent of certain chaats. The best part - it’s roasted, not fried. Some chips and namkeens contain lots of oil even though they claim to be roasted. The test prescribed is to put some of it on a tissue paper and then check later for any oil residue. Well, this one passed the tissue paper test – not a trace of oiliness!! The mixture comes in a resealable bag that is perfect to keep its freshness intact!

Calories: 126 per 25g (approx), Shelf Life: 3 months

The Honey Roasted Cinnamon Almonds are something unique. I’ve had honey almonds before, but with cinnamon? This is the first time :-). There is a burst of spice when you put these in your mouth and the almonds are nice and crunchy too. These also come in a resealable plastic bag.

Calories: 143 per 25g (approx), Shelf Life: 6 months

The Fruity Cashew Caribbean Cookies are not your regular supermarket cashew cookies. For starters, they are only half as sweet and you get solid bits of cashew, not tiny molecular pieces. Secondly, they’re made of whole wheat flour, grapes and melon seeds along with cashews. You get bits of fruit, though I felt the cashew flavor was dominant. Each cookie is individually wrapped in plastic and again placed in a resealable bag. Unfortunately a couple of my cookies arrived broken, but that’s the difference between maida-made firm cookies and the more powdery whole wheat versions.

Calories:118 per cookie(approx), Shelf Life: 1 month

This box is what I assume the ‘Sampler Box’ looks like, at 399.00 per month. At this price, this is really a very, very good deal. The ‘My Box’ contains 6-8 snacks at 649.00 per month, and the ‘Family Box’ contains a massive 12-16 snacks at 1,199.00 per month. Customization of the box, though not currently available online, is possible through email and phone.

What I loved about the Smart Eats Snack Box:

1. The resealable packs are very useful – no more hunting for Tupperware and the snacks stay fresh.

2. Individual wrapping of cookies and bars ensures they stay in shape and are hygienic.

3. None of the snacks are too sweet or too spicy. Perfectly balanced.

4. 100% Natural, no artificial color, flavor, sweeteners or preservatives. Also, only whole grain with no trans fat or maida.

5. Each snack tastes different and a box provides good variety to cater to all palates.

6. Detailed nutritional info as well as ingredient list is provided on the back of the pack.

What could be better about the Smart Eats Snack Box:

1. I wish the almonds and mixture were also individually wrapped, serving wise. It’s easy to go overboard with these :-).

2. Listing the calories per bar or cookie instead of per 100g would be more helpful.

3. People with a prominent sweet tooth might find the snacks a bit under-sweet. (Not a problem with me, I don’t like very sweet stuff ;-))

As a parent, I’m wary of the snacking choices available to kids nowadays. All you see on TV are ads for junk, trans-fat filled foods. My 5 year old son loved the chewy granola bar and asked for more!! So you see, kids are not averse to healthy stuff!

Do check out more about the Smart Eats Snack Boxes here and join them on Facebook here. Happy Snacking!!

Disclaimer: I was sent a snack box for review purposes, but all the opinions here are my own.

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  1. Dear Fabida, Thanks for helping spread the movement. We are trying to change the way India snacks...one belly at a time :) . There is a big perception that Healthy is boring and that Healthy can't be tasty. Our movement is to help make people make smarter choices and become healthier & happier :)


    1. Thank you Avni!! The Smart Eats snack box was an eye opener - that you didn't have to starve yourself to lose weight or depend on unhealthy stuff when you were hungry. Kudos to all of you at Smart Eats for this movement!

  2. Great review, Fab! I am waiting to try out my pack!

    1. Thank you Rachna! Can't wait to hear your views!

  3. Good job with the review. It is so hard to find HEALTHY snacks. Will try this.

    1. You're absolutely right, Shefali - it is really difficult to pick out the ones that are really healthy and don't just claim to be so!

  4. they look good. Nice review. Ive been eating a lot of nonsense lately thanks to wedding in the house. But so going to start healthy eating now

    great review


    1. Thank you!! The fact that all ingredients are clearly mentioned gives you the confidence to eat these snacks :-). All the best with healthy eating!