Monthly Goal Update - March 2014

6:56:00 am

Happy April everyone!!!!! It is hot, hot, hot!!!! As long as I’m indoors, no problem; but stepping outside is like walking into a preheated grill!

Coming to how March was. In one word – busy. Summer also translates into summer vacation here in Kerala. Schools close after exams in March, and reopen only at the start of June. Yes, that’s a long holiday. Cub’s getting nearly 3 months of summer vacation; to stop him (and me) from going nuts with the heat and boredom, we’ve signed him up for swimming and painting classes.

This naturally means some extra time taken out of my day, since I have to take him to and from classes. Also, the rest of the time has him and the neighbors’ boys running around and yelling. So, all in all, I have had a noisy, busy month.

1. Health – Being as hot as it is, food intake has come down, fluid intake gone up. I’ve also been having more green and black tea, skipping the milk. Fruit and veg intake has been low. We didn’t eat out much, but the biggest problem I’ve had is my lack of exercise. I’ve let my ‘busy-ness’ take over and hardly exercised twice a week. And it shows on the scale – 1 kg up from last month :(. Not to mention the general feeling of low energy.

2. Family – Ever since school closed, Cub’s become rude, disobedient and just plain naughty. Even the extra classes aren’t helping. As a result, my yelling level has been higher. I’m making him help around the house – watering plants, clearing the table, sorting dry laundry, and he helps willingly (at times).

We hardly read together, though we did some craft work, mainly from the Mister Maker website. It’s been a space theme for us, and we made the rocket and flying saucer.

I’m thinking of getting him some books from Scholastic’s Learning Express series and allotting some time a day for that :).  We got a couple of their books from a Book Fair at Cub’s school and found them quite good.

3. Time Management – Okay, Time Management. I’ve spent a lot of time on FB and Twitter last month, but a lot of it was for work/blog purposes. I’ve installed Rescue Time but I’m scared to look at its results. I’ve been waking up at 4:00 and still struggle to finish my To Do list. I got some new work, and it coincided with Cub’s vacation starting, so it was crazy. I had to do away with some things, and exercise was the first to go. Not ideal, I know, so I plan to rearrange my schedule for April.

4. Writing/Blogging – This month has been good with regards to writing work and sponsorship. Along with existing assignments, I got two more clients, and I start work with a third one in April. That’s why it’s been so busy, although I’m not complaining :). My blog has been a bit slow, though I did keep it alive with posts. I had to skip the March Baking Partners Challenge due to lack of time, but planning to go with it for April. I am in complete awe of the people who’re doing the AtoZ Challenge in April – wow!!!

5. Budget – There were no extra expenditures in March. We ate out less and get this – I didn’t shop at all!! Except for some gifts; I didn’t buy anything for myself, not even books. Not having enough time is actually one of the reasons :). We’re planning a short trip to Kochi in April, so maybe I’ll shop a little then :).

6. Personal – I have been happy in March overall, although the extra work made me a teensy bit cranky at times. I didn’t read a single book – yup, not one. Even my magazines are lying in a big, unopened, unread pile. I did watch a movie – Queen - and I loved it!! I recommend everyone who hasn’t seen it yet to give it a go; it’s not your regular Bollywood factory production.

Yes, all these are yet to be read.
March has also been a month of friends. I attended the wedding of the brother of my college BFF, where I met her after 9 long years. As mentioned here, I got a beautiful gift from the awesome Swarnali, accompanied by a thoughtful handwritten letter :). I continued the chain by sending a gift and letter to the lovely Zeenat of Positive Provocations. Both receiving and giving were really, really fun and I am enjoying this whole activity!!

Word of the Year – Although I’ve had more to do, I haven’t let my mind wander much and have been focusing better. I’m attempting being more mindful during my prayers too, rather than rushing through them on autopilot.

That’s how the madness was in March!! April has a few things planned - more work, a birthday and anniversary in the family, voting, a short trip and maybe a little shopping :).

So how was March for you? Anything special planned for the summer?

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  1. March, I traveled a bit, spent a lil (hubby's bday) and shopped a lil. Aaagh, Kerala climate is driving me nuts, I don't even feel like coming to Cochin.

  2. I am in Kerala and like you said it is like walking in a preheated grill especially since I am out most of the time :(
    I am putting on weight too but starting today, I am resuming my swimming sessions!