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As a woman, I love clothes; any kind of bad mood is fixed by some good ol’ retail therapy! I buy the best and I ensure they stay that way too. Unfortunately, I wish I were equally passionate about shopping and laundry!!

So you can imagine that when I hear about something called ‘Wash Happy’, my curiosity is piqued. Really, how can washing be happy? Soaking in buckets, then taking dripping clothes to the bathroom sink to scrub it, and then another trip to where my washing machine is – how is this fun? Of course, drying is no cake walk either; once I untangle my pajamas from my husband’s shirt, I feel like I’ve had my strength training for the day!

Enter Samsung, who promises a revolutionary approach to washing that’ll solve all the above problems, and some more. Hmm, I’m skeptical of course; can my current state of washing that is this:

Be transformed into something like this:

Apparently it can!!! Samsung’s latest, the activ dualwash, is your laundry dream come true. Still don’t believe me? Check out the video below:

Soak it! Scrub it! Drop it! Wash it!” Who knew washing could be so musically easy?

No more dragging wet clothes from bucket to sink to machine; the activ dualwash does it all in one place. There’s a sink in built into the washing machine (can you believe that), so you can soak your extra dirty clothes in it. Then scrub directly on the sides of this sink – no need of a brush! And when you’re done, just drop it straight into the washing tub and let the machine do its job!

And it does its job well too! The machine has these wobble pulsators and a diamond shaped drum, which prevent tangling of clothes, which as you and I know too well, prevents unnecessary stretching and damage. Yes, and forget about all that yucky lint – everything’s collected in the Magic filter, so your clothes stay unaffected. 

Wait, there’s more! Remember how annoying it is when something goes wrong with your appliance and you feel so powerless? Well you have the power now, via a smartphone app that can decode the machine’s error codes for you. And did I mention how gorgeous this guy looks?

So like they show in the video, you can now ‘drop it, don’t stop it!’ or rather go ahead and enjoy life whole heartedly without worrying about the laundry. It’s no wonder that everyone’s all excited; after all Mr. Samsung activ dualwash has their back!!

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This post has been sponsored by Samsung, but all thoughts are my own.

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