A Fun Space Journey with #ColgateMagicalStories

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Who doesn’t love a good story? We all do, the more magical and fantastical, the better! While there’s a certain charm to listening to stories, there’s something unmistakably exciting about making up your own. And thanks to the #ColgateMagicalStories activity by Blogadda, we recently got a chance to do this!

Expand your Imagination with #ColgateMagicalStories

Okay, so here’s how the activity works – We receive a pack of Colgate toothpaste, in three different themes – Space Launch, Space Walk and Alien Planet. We need to assemble the pieces and then let the kids create their own magical story. Now, that’s a super-interesting way to get the kids to open up and go wild with their imagination!

So we got our packs as promised, in a bright red Colgate gift bag. As promised, the three different themes were there, all ready and waiting to be cut out.

Preparing for the Activity

Obviously, the first step was cutting out the pieces, for which there was a helpful line which helped to open up the entire pack. Cub got straight to work with his pair of safety scissors.

Here are all the packs opened up. As you can see, there are an assortment of friendly looking planets, astronauts and lots of ahem….space stuff!

What I really liked was the little tid-bits of information that came along with the pieces. The text was concise and simple enough for my 8 year old to read and understand.

We cut out all the pieces of each pack and kept them aside separately. Then we went ahead and created a little background out of dark blue paper and a tissue box which we cut open. We then stuck a few golden stars to give the effect of outer space. The details do matter!

With this we were all set to start playing with our little figures and Cub was delighted with how they had all turned out. He immediately launched into a story, to which details were added along the way. Let’s see how it turned out!

Part I – The Start of an Adventure

The story starts some years back, when Jane and Carney were little kids. They grew up listening to stories about space from their Mom at bedtime. They were enraptured by the prospect of a whole wide space, sparkling with stars, where mysteries abound. They knew that there were planets and galaxies? But what else? Carney was sure there were aliens, but Jane was more skeptical.

As they grew, they decided that it was time to find answers to their questions. They became astronauts and were going on their first space mission – to find out if there were planets which harbored aliens. Here they are, wearing their 127 kg, 13-layered space suit and waving to everyone before the launch:

There’s the entire team waiting for the rocket launch – a liftoff that requires as much energy as 13,000 train engines! The countdown starts 3-2-1 and it’s liftoff!!!

Part II – The Exploration

So Carney and Jane are finally in space!! Now, they’re planning an exploration so they can settle once and for all if there are any aliens on any of the planets. Carney doesn’t want to plan, and sets out on his own:

But the sight of an angry comet with a tail of dust and ice crystals scares Carney and he decides against a solo exploration! So he listens to reason (or Jane) and the two set out. Since astronauts are trained to work without gravity, they have an easy time floating in space.

They see many planets. Saturn, whose rings are made of ice, rocks and dust, Venus, which rotates in the opposite direction and of course, the unmistakable red planet, Mars.

Carney was really interested in Mars, and he was landing on the planet, he was pretty sure he heard an alien. Jane said it was probably just the noise from the space station. Then they heard a rumble. Jane peered into the distance. What was that large saucer shaped thing coming towards them?

Part III – A Green Stranger

It’s coming close! The large saucer shaped thing was a UFO – an unidentified flying object!! The UFO landed right next to the rover, the space exploration vehicle that was supposed to gather information. Carney was right there, planting a flag, while Jane swung into action and pulled out a gun.

A green alien stepped out of the UFO, with something small in his hand. Jane began to position her gun, but then she realized that it was a strange kind of translating machine. The alien began to speak into it, and it came out as English! Jane was left staring – mouth wide open!
However, Carney realized that the alien meant no harm and smiled broadly. The alien was actually welcoming his guests to his planet – Mars was his home. Jane relaxed and talked to English, which got translated to the alien’s language through his device. The alien said that they were free to explore his planet and take back samples. He was happy to show them around too. Jane was happy the alien wasn’t dangerous and that they could gather valuable information. But the happiest person was Carney – his childhood dream had come true and he had actually met a true blue (or rather green) alien from another planet!

So there goes our story! Cub was really excited about putting the entire story together and he even came up with the names and the details! We also learnt a lot – the fact that space suits weight 127 kg? Amazing!

If you’d like to have your own set to play with, just look for the special Colgate packs – and you can have some fun #ColgateMagicalStories of your own too!

I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

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