A Day at the Fair!

10:42:00 pm

It’s really a hustle and bustle all around here, tomorrow being Onam and all. For the uninitiated, Onam is the most important festival of Kerala and is celebrated with flower carpets, new clothes and a huge feast spread out on a banana leaf!! Check here for more info on this colorful festival!!

Every year, during Onam, the city hosts a fair with all sorts of handicrafts from all over India. We visited the fair yesterday and I returned with a few things:

A pair of colorful handmade leather Kolhapuris:

A turquoise necklace:

A pair of turquoise earrings:

A pair of wooden earrings:

Well, that’s it, not much shopping :-). The streets were lined with flower vendors, with heaps of multicolored blossoms. I tried taking pics, but jostling through the crowd really made things difficult. I did get this though:

This was the flower carpet in the lounge of our apartment building:

This flower carpet was at the local mall:

Some pics from the internet:

People celebrating in traditional clothes,

Image Courtesy: thehindu

and a traditional feast!

Image Courtesy: bloggersview

Its night as I write this and people have begun bursting crackers outside. All in all, a very festive atmosphere!!! Wish everyone a Happy Onam!!

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  1. @TanviI know!! And they were pretty cost effective too :-))

  2. Finally your search for the right tor turquoise earrings comes to an end huh?Happy onam to you n your family :)

  3. @opalYup, the search ends here(at least for now ;-))Hope you had a great day too!!

  4. Love the haul and totally love the leather kohlapuris :)

  5. @NatashaThank you!! Can't wait to start wearing those pretty chappals!!

  6. sounds like a really fun festival. food looks so good too! :)

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  7. Embellished sandals rock my world!

  8. @fashioneggpplantThanks for stopping by!! I will surely check out your giveaway!

  9. @KristinThat's why I didn't hesitate much before buying them!

  10. Really really like the turquoise earrings! nice choice!

  11. @FashionPhD Thanks!! They came real cheap too!!

  12. Oh really pretty things. I love little fairs and exhibitions :) Happy Onam to you too :)

  13. @Hippie Holly Thanks Holly!! Totally agree with you, you never know what treasures you'll unearth at such fairs!!