The Magic Four Letter Word

9:07:00 pm

You know the word I’m talking about, the very sound of which sets your heart racing, which sets the blood pumping in your veins, which sends the adrenaline soaring….yes, that’s the power in that magical word, which has been screaming out to us from billboards and signs across the country: SALE!!!!!!

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That’s one of the reasons I loooovve the July-August and January-February months…practically all stores worth visiting have their end-of-season sale on!! Of course, all I see are the last four letters, I couldn’t care less if the season was beginning or ending! A sale is a sale is a SALE!!!

Okay, now that I’ve made my thoughts on that quite clear, let me give you an idea of the stores that I generally hit during the sales. These are where I usually find the best deals (and where I have access to in my city…these are the times when I wish I lived in Mumbai, sigh!!)

·         Westside
·         Lifestyle
·         Pantaloons
·         Catwalk
·         Reliance Footprint
·         Reebok
·         Fastrack
·         Oh heck…..forget the list, I pretty much go everywhere J

Well this time, the only stores I’ve been to so far are Mom&Me, CatMoss and Lilliput. Hmmm….not good, not good. As you can see, most of the hits were at the kiddie sales, so Cub got a new stash of stuff.

As for me, I just managed to get a glance at the Westside Sale. I got dragged out by Mr. Tiger ‘cause we had a train to catch (yes, I make use of every last minute ;-))
I just barely skimmed the surface, enviously eyeing all the other avid shoppers who had the sense to come with fellow shopaholics instead of husbands obsessed with catching trains.

However…. me being me, I didn’t leave empty handed. Oh no no, no way. Anyone who has seen the movie ‘Andaz Apna Apna’ will get my drift when I say, “Khandaani shopper hoon main, kuch to leke jaaoongi..…mwahahahaha!!”. So, here is the one thing I managed to lay my hands on, I guess I spotted it within that short span of time because it was the last piece of its kind left on the jewelry rack.

I have GOT to go and pay a detailed visit soonJ. What about you guys?? Did you find anything special during the sale? Do let me know!

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  1. yess!! sale is here!! you am total sale shopper and strategize a month before the sales begin, eyeing my fav pieces, trying on the sizes at the various stores to know which size suits me so that i dont have waste time trying clothes during sales rush!!!! and just go an buy the stuff!!!.....
    till now, i have shopped at arrow, puma, reebok, van heusen, peter england louis phillipe ......but i have whole list of places to shop!!!!
    and i totally get ur andaz apna apna dialogue!! like dat too..just the other day i went in fabindia store and though there were no sales in it, i came out with a skirt, justifying to the husband that is this is durga puja shopping!!!!

  2. @shooting star
    Wow, shooting star, we must be kindred spirits or something!!! Like you, I've also been strategizing for a while, been collecting pics of styles I'm inspired by and making lists of stuff I'm gonna need..didn't get a chance to try on the sizes yet, though :-( Plus, sale or no sale, fabindia is always on my list!!!

  3. How I miss those sales in India..I get such adrenaline rush every time I go out shopping and specially when I spot these gorgeous 'SALE' signs..:D And, yes, it is always better to go shopping with other shopaholic souls that with your better half ;)

  4. Really, the only sale that I visit is the Nordstrom Pre-Anniversary sale VIP event. That's only because it is Nordstrom. Otherwise, it's just good luck if I stumble across a sale. I don't actually look for them.
    It's just verrrryyyy good luck. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. @Natasha

    Yup, Natasha, Indian sales are something else altogether ;-)..Never mind, I'm sure all the Indian bloggers out there'll keep you up to speed..there'll also be plenty of pictures to drool over :-)