Weekly Goals Update – 22 April 2012

9:56:00 pm

This week was quite good. In my opinion, anyway :-).

1. Worked out for 30 min on 4 days.
2. Controlled portions on all days except one.
3. Drank lots n lots of water.
4. Read a book – ‘Revolution 2020’ by Chetan Bhagat
5. Prayers were mostly regular.
6. Nagging free, except for one day.

1. Fruit intake was not up to the mark.
2. Didn't catch up on the news much.
3. Didn't spend much time with Cub.
4. ODed on all my meals on Sunday :-(.

We had a few light showers here, which added some much needed respite to the blazing heat. The weekend was spent mall-crawling with good food, toy shopping with Cub and some leisurely reading. Nothing like a relaxed weekend to kick start a great week!!!

Image Courtesy: sitevip

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  1. I agree.... A relaxed Sunday brings in a better Monday.... Love to read your updates

    1. Thank you, Ramya!! Hope your week turns out great too!!