Y is for ‘You’

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Today’s letter for the AtoZ Blogging Challenge is ‘Y’ for my theme ‘A to Z of Effectiveness’. You can read more about my theme here. I’m also participating in the NaBloPoMo for April.

We’re nearing the end of the AtoZ Blogging Challenge! We’ve talked about many aspects of effectiveness over the past 20 odd days, so today I thought I’d focus on the person at the centre of everything – you!

All the topics we’ve talked about like acceptance, character, goals, management and the rest are commonly applicable to all people, but the way you go about achieving them is unique. It doesn’t matter how you are moving, as long as it’s in an upward spiral. It is very important that you do not compare yourself to another person’s speed or level of progress on the path to effectiveness.
In his book, ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, Stephen Covey gives an instance of when he and his wife Sandra were upset about their son’s performance at school and his seemingly poor social skills. Their concern was based on how he compared with his peers in these areas, and is very much how most of us react when it comes to our kids. They soon learnt that when they let go of social comparisons, their son’s unique talents came to the surface and he blossomed, in his own way and at his own speed.
Throughout the book, Mr. Covey stresses that as humans, we are shaped by the various events of our lives, which means that each one of us sees the world through the ‘unique lens of experience’. That is why tools of interdependence and communication are so valuable – it’s the only way to work synergistically.

Though I’m focusing on Stephen Covey’s book in this challenge, I can’t help quoting another inspiring author here – Dr. Seuss! I think this little passage from his book, 'Happy Birthday to You!’ perfectly sums up the quality of being uniquely you!

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  1. I loved that quote at the end :) So true and so you! One month simply flew, right? I feel the same too.

    1. Exactly!! I didn't realize it'd get over so soon!


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