Red n Gold!

11:49:00 am

Hope everyone had a wonderful Diwali yesterday!! It was literally a ‘blast’ here, with crackers bursting left, right and centre. We didn’t celebrate much, just went out for a bit, and then had a nice, simple meal at home. I stayed away from sweets (Yay!!!), though right now the house is full of them – chocolate laddoos, soan papdi, rasgullas, fruit custard, cupcakes. Most of these are courtesy my Mom, in-laws and others. I’m gradually giving most of them away; just looking at the lot is making me crave insulin!!

I wore a comparatively simple outfit yesterday, with some golden accessories to give it a slightly more festive look. I like the red n green combination; though Christmasy, it gets desi-fied when you add gold :-).

Gold blingy stuff on the neckline and sleeve:

The earrings I wore,

A better view (and yes, that is a chopstick :-)):

I went with thin jangly bangles on one hand (the gold version of the same seen here) and a couple of bulky ones on the other:

My trusty Kohlapuris are getting a lot of action, this is definitely one of my most economic purchases!

Red Kurta – Thrifted
Green Patiala (Bottom) – Westside
Green Dupatta – Westside
Kohlapuris (footwear) – Exhibition
Thin bangles – Umm… dunno
Thick bangles – T.Nagar, Chennai
Earrings – A little store in Kochi

I guess my hair got caught in the festive spirit yesterday and was dying to explode, just like those crackers. How else can I explain the way it was behaving? Ughhhh!!!! Got to schedule some deep treatment stuff this weekend.

Wow, can you believe that this is my 49th post?? I’m about to hit a half century!!! Great, now I feel like I got to post about something profound and thought provoking ;-). Anyway, that’s another day, we’ll see then!!!

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  1. Liked the bangles :)

    1. Thanks!! They're one of my accessory staples!!