Weekend Haul!

5:27:00 pm

There’s something about this time of the year that makes me feel like slacking off. Off my fitness plans, off my shopping budget, off my work etc. I guess that’s what’s causing me to neglect my poor, poor blog. However, I am proud to say that my exercising is right on track and I have also begun to lose weight!! Yay to me!!!

I went shopping last weekend with my parents and the Cub. I got an assortment of stuff, and thought it might be fun to do a haul post. Nothing very fancy, just… stuff.

First of all, I got me this wonderful white bag from Fasttrack. I have been looking around for a white bag that can a) be easily cleaned b) hold lots of stuff (I have a preschooler, remember?) c) is soft and adheres to my body.

Tall order? Enter white bag from fast track. It’s soo soft, just the way I wanted it, and oh, so roomy.

Its got some check detailing on the front and on the zipper panel in gray.

Another thing I love – lots and lots of pockets. There are quite a few compartments on the inside and a zip pocket at the back and two compartments on the sides as well!

My Mom loved it too and she got one in black. Though I think the white looks better :-). It’s also available in green.

I also got another item that’s been on my list for a while - a black stole. I found one with some embellishment on it.

A more or less impulse purchase (wasn’t really on my list) was a pair of golden heels with silver glitter on it. They looked pretty and I realized I didn’t really have any footwear to wear to weddings and such. Ok, I admit I was looking for a ‘gap’ in my shoe collection just to get my hands on these ;-).

Detail of the silver glitter straps:

Also got a Lemon Intensive Hand Cream from Fabindia and a Skin Renewal Night Cream from Lakme.

My Mom got a Neem Tulsi toner and an Avocado facewash from fab. Sorry, no pics :-(.

And here is Chetan Bhagat’s latest book: (Will read and review soon)

My brother-in-law’s son’s birthday is coming up next month and we decided to get him and his sibling some gifts.

Some transformer stuff:

And a dragon egg from the Dragon Universe. (Please don’t ask me anything more about it, I don’t really know. It just looked really complicated and….boyish :-))

I'm guessing this is the dragon that's supposed to be inside the egg:

So that was a nice little shopping expedition. We had a lot of fun and also feasted on some authentic Kannada Vegetarian cuisine. Sorry, I didn’t stop to take pics; just jumped into my meal the minute it was served :-).

With Christmas and all coming up, how is everyone else doing with their shopping?? Have you made any heavy duty purchases yet?

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  1. Hi BeingFab, I just stumbled on your site and I love it! Following you now. I'm a new mum too and have recently started blogging to keep me sane. :)
    Here's to fab moms! Cheers! :)

  2. @thePURPLEspirit Thanks so much for stopping by!! Your blog is really cool too, tempting me to check out those pretty sandals online :-)) and yes, three cheers to us!!!

  3. my issue with white bags is keeping them clean...this one's perfect to clean anytime you feel like!!


  4. @opal I know, perfect for the wedding season!!

  5. @suze-me This bag is my constant companion nowadays!!

  6. @shooting star That was my problem with most of the bags I saw too!! This one fit the bill perfectly :-)