Journal Your Ramadan - Days 7 & 8

9:34:00 pm

Lazy me has combined yesterday’s and today’s Ramadan Journal prompts into one post :-).

Day 7  - ‘You are grateful for…..’

I’m grateful for Automated Adhan Systems such as this clock. Also for smartphone adhan apps. Not all areas have mosques and that’s where these softwares and apps come to the rescue.  This clock tells you the current time and date as well as when to expect the next prayer. And of course, when that time comes, it gives the call to prayer. Especially significant during Ramadan.

Day 8 – ‘Green’

This is my parents’ lawn. I love strolling about in it or watching the rain fall down on it. Yup, love all that lush green.

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  1. how cool is that adhan system!!

    and that green lawn...relaxing!!


    1. Thank you Sushmita!! There really is something therapeutic about staring at some greenery :-)