Chit Chat……and some haul!!

9:58:00 pm

It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve chatted with you guys. You know, nothing deep or philosophical, just everyday stuff. You’ll have to excuse my seeming disinterest in blogging, I have some very valid reasons. First Cub got sick with tummy trouble. We had to go in for scans and things and we found out that he’s got chronic constipation. He’s got to take a little laxative tablet everyday for 3 months, till his stomach settles down. Also, no processed/packaged food; only high fibre stuff.

And there’s more. Soon I got sick with a stomach infection and spent the larger part of two days in the loo. And now, my MIL has just returned after cataract surgery, so we’re trying our best to keep her comfortable. She’s not allowed to watch TV, or read or cook or do any of the stuff she usually does. I can’t imagine staying away from the TV, computer and books all at the same time, I’d go crazy!!!

Our stomach troubles have made me a lot more conscious about what I serve at meals and snacks nowadays – especially snacks. It’s always easier to reach for a pack of processed stuff, but that’s a definite no-no now. I’m also on the lookout for baking recipes that include whole wheat flour, veggies, nuts and dry fruit. So far, I’ve got a few recipes:

Whole wheat Peanut Butter Muffins (recipe coming soon!)

I’ll share more links when I find them. Ok, enough of all that. While I have been busy, I did find a Sunday off and went mall crawling. The past couple of weeks have been quite good to me, materialistically speaking :-D.

First things first, I’ve given up fighting with my hair and applying layers of conditioner, serum and what not. No matter what I do, Ms. Frizz always wins and I’m left with a halo around my head. So, I decided to get this:

Life has been much better after getting this. The effect doesn’t last too long, but anything is better than what’s happening now.

Also got a striped stole, which looks to be quite versatile:

A mini haul from The Body Shop:

TBS Nutriganics Smoothing Night Cream
TBS White Musk EDT
Some colorful flip flops from Westside. There are soo many colors and styles to choose from!

These earrings are from an exhibition. Cost me just 50 bucks, though it reminds me of a shield ridden with bullet holes!

My uncle who lives abroad is here on holiday, and he brought me this:

Along with the White Musk EDT, I now have two new perfumes!! Quite a fragrant haul, this!!

My hubby got me two bags – the first one is a jute bag from a store called the ‘The Jute Shop’ in Coimbatore. I love the color and the spaciousness of the bag J

Hubby’s second bag is this Hidesign one in brown. I’m totally digging the rich brown and it’s many pockets!!

So, you see, I’ve got a lot of new things, which have contributed greatly in lifting my spirits during these past weeks. So I’m feeling good now and hopefully will get back to more regular posting. You guys take care!!

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  1. heya here to listen :)

    first of all, hope your kiddo gets well soon...and all strength to you for keeping family well !!

    the bags are awesome...hidesign is ofcourse always good!!!

    love the earrings...thye would loom awesome when like the bullet ridden like they do here :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Sushmita!! I've always wanted a hidesign bag, so I was really happy to finally own one!! I'll try to do an OOTD with the earrings, lets see how they look :-)

  2. I hope cub is doing well....n what a haul....i am being non-materialistic nowadays and I don't even find time to blog of visit blogs...

    1. Cub is doing much better, I'm making sure only healthy stuff goes in :-). I noticed you've been missing from the blogosphere for a while, I guess married life is keeping you really busy!!

  3. Hey hope you two are doing well now, hi fibre home cooked food will be great I'm sure.. Loving all your recently acquired goodies:-)
    Take care!

    1. Thanks Kalyani, we're fine now. Yup, high fibre food is going great, it fills us up fast and keeps us that way for longer!

  4. ah damn i love those slippers!!! me wants!

    1. He he....they're comfy to wear about the house :-)