Outfit Post – Colder Climes!

10:37:00 am

In many places across the globe, people are posting pictures of themselves in stylishly cut coats or large fluffy jackets, cursing either the extreme cold or the snow. Boy, if only I had that complaint!! Bring in the most snow-hating person to live in hot n humid Kerala for a while and she’ll fall head over heels in love with the snow!!!

Anyway, the climate in Kerala isn’t too bad nowadays, though you’d still look like a freak if you wore a coat or jacket. A light cardigan is more than enough for the slight early morning or late evening chill. Today, for a change, it is slightly colder and windier than usual. A welcome change!!

I’ve had this black cape for a really long time, but hadn’t worn it much due to said hot and humid weather. So I brought it out when I was visiting my parents last weekend and I enjoyed wearing it. I didn’t realize how versatile it could be :-).

I wore it with a printed kurta and blue bootcut jeans. This kurta is one of my favorites because of its cheerful print (and the fact that it has lots of pink and purple in it :-)). It’s got puffed sleeves too, which you can’t see in these pics. Maybe I’ll do another outfit post with it just to show you the sleeves!!

Here’s a closer look at the happy print:

This cape is more like an asymmetrical cardigan, but thinner. It has two long pieces of fabric in the front to tie it up, and it would help in creating a completely different look. For now, I left them loose.

Due to the all-over bright print, I kept accessories to a minimum.

Please excuse the messy hair - I was having a bad hair day (like most days :-()

Outfit Details:

Black cape: Pantaloons
Printed Kurta: Max
Blue Jeans: Wrangler
Red Sandals: Lifestyle
Earrings: Don’t remember
Black Clutch: Mom’s
Pink Bangle: Fabindia

I’ve just recently cleaned out my wardrobe, considering that sale season is near :-). I’m disappointed to find so many pieces that I’ve used very rarely, like this black cape. I’m lost when it comes to styling many of them and feel like I’ve fallen in a fashion rut of the kurta-chudidar combo. I’ve already pinned a lot of inspirations, but trying to get those styles to work with what I have is confusing, to say the least. It only makes me feel like I need to buy loads of new things, which is definitely not what I want to end up doing.

Have you guys faced the same problem of trying to using your existing clothes to get the style of your fashion icons/Pinterest inspirations? How do you deal with the ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ scenario?

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  1. The last pic is hilarious:-P but seriously I never seem to have anythingTO wear lol! I ma loving your black thing van be paired with so many things

    1. I know! When I need to go out, I take out every piece and find some reason why I can't wear it - mostly it feels like I just wore everything yesterday!! Thank you for stopping by,Veens!

  2. I have the exact same cardigan and I so love colder climates.
    What I really loved is that pink bangle and ofcourse the printed kurta :)

    1. Thank you Anisha!! That pink bangle came in a set of three - the other two being green and mustard. I've worn all of them so many times!!

  3. The black cape looks interesting. Will check Pantaloons.

  4. I love everything black, especially when it comes to winter wear. Your cape look really nice on you ^_^ I love how the bright cheery print of your strikes against the black cape.
    Winters here in Kolkata are awful, not cold enough to wear amazing jackets and trench coats but not warm enough to sport your usual summer wear :(

    1. Ah, same pinch Swarnali. This cape is the most I can wear here in the name of winter wear without looking like a freak :-). It's really cold in the mornings nowadays making it difficult to wake up, but otherwise, just okay weather.

  5. Hey Fab..you are underestimating your styling skills and creativity! I'm sure you will find inspiration in your wardrobe (unlike Tarzan!!)..I love your sense of humor..on another I'm happy to do some virtual styling for you if you like..could be a fun experience for both of us:-)

    1. Thank you, Kalyani - you are too kind!! Now virtual styling seems like a good idea :-). I've recently created an account on Go Chic Go Home and have begun uploading photos, though it's a really time consuming task!! I'll let you know how that goes :-)