Weekly Goals Update – 11 November 2012

10:34:00 am

Is it the second week of November already?? I guess having festivals and celebrations all around you makes time fly :-). Everyone seems to be either shopping, or eating or both, and I wonder if anyone noticed that in the midst of it all, I skipped last week’s goal update :-D. Hah!!! Bet you didn’t notice till now!! So here’s an amalgamation of the updates of the last two weeks, henceforth referred to as Week 1 and Week 2.

1. Worked out for 3 days during Week 1, and this was in spite of some post-Eid tummy trouble.

2. Spent a lot of quality time with Cub, mainly building Lego models. Legos have really increased our family time together, it’s something that keeps everyone interested!

3. Did loads of baking. I usually bake about once a week, or once a fortnight. But the past two weeks had me baking four times!!

4. I didn’t pig out on the weekends as I usually do.

5. Had my quota of fruit.

6. Been okay with the whole house cleaning thing.

1. Week 2 saw only two days of workouts and one day of brisk walking.

2. Hardly read to Cub L

3. Didn’t read much myself. Magazine backlog growing by the week.

4. My portion control during Week 1 was terrible. Week 2, though better, wasn’t good enough.

5. Week 2’s ironing pile is lying there calling out my name. I’ll take care of it today. Promise.

6. Woke up quite late most mornings, which is partly to blame for my lack of workouts. It’s really nice to curl up with Cub under a soft blanket on cool mornings. (I say cool, since it never really gets ‘cold’ here in Kerala, at least non-hilly places. How I wish it got really cold so I could wear boots and coats and stuff. Delhi folks, I’m going green here!! Okay, sentence getting too long to fit in brackets. Stopping.)

In other news, BBC Good Food India magazine turns one and their anniversary issue is really something! They’ve covered 25 global classics such as tiramisu, paella and phad thai, as well as several more. They’ve also got some cool Augmented Reality shows, which you can download on your smart phone. And it came with a free CD of Ratatouille :-).

I’m planning to try most of the recipes in this issue, let’s see how far I actually get!! 

This book actually exists!! See here

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  1. Thankfully, I didnt keep resolution like exercise this year else, would have been in big trouble...

  2. I am amazed at how persistent you are with your goals Fabida! Cheers to that! Happy Diwali Sweetie. :)

    1. Aww, thank you, Swapna!! A very Happy Diwali to you too!!

  3. Wow your week sounds waaaay more productive than mine. Lol. You are motivating me to be more constructive with my time! ;)

    1. Thank you, Jennifer!! It feels great to know my updates are actually motivating :-)

  4. am really liking your weekly goal updates...though I dont follow them always...but yeah having a goal and doing it is what i like!!

    and i like ur thumbs up & down lists!!


    1. Thanks a lot, Sushmita!! To an extent, these updates help keep me on my feet!

  5. Wow these weekly goals that you have are cool! Nice blog you be got.. You have got yourself a stalker now :)

  6. It was fun to read you here.. U r a versatile one... Weekly update is a nice one to be on the go... :)