Weekly Goal Update – 10 March 2013

6:10:00 pm

Boy, am I behind with my goal updates. I should have made that my first resolution J. BTW, is it raining anywhere else in the country?? It’s all nice and windy here; looks like a drizzle is in store J.

Shopping Ban Update:

I have been good, most of the time. If you remember, I mentioned here that I would be going shopping free for Feb and March, except for buying a birthday gift for my sister as well as new specs for myself.

So while I was gift hunting, I went to Fabindia to stock up on my trusted Avocado Foot Cream. Unfortunately, they were out of stock, but then my eyes fell on their Almond Kajal. You see, I had been there twice before looking for it, and they were out. So when I saw it sitting there, I couldn’t help it. I caved in to my base desires and came home with it. What if it wasn’t there the next time I went?? (Okay, I know it’s available online and all, but hey, I’m only human).

I did feel kind of bad after buying it, and thought I should have controlled myself. So that’s a 125.00 rupees dent in my shopping ban L. I promise I’ll be good for the rest of the month.

1. Worked out 3 days during the week – Total Body Workout CD two days and the SparkPeople workout on the third day.

2. Controlled my diet portions and even lost a kilo :-D.

3. Restarted logging my food and exercise on MyFitnessPal.

4. Finished reading the Maeve Binchy book I mentioned in my last update (‘Quentins’) and also finished ‘The Reversal’ by Michael Connelly.

5. Read to Cub most days of the week.

6. Didn’t have any dessert the WHOLE WEEK. Yay me!

7. Was mindful during my prayers half the time, which is better than any week so far in this year.

1. Missed some of my workouts, mainly due to oversleeping.

2. Practiced one of my major skills – nagging.

3. Still got time management issues.

4. Insufficient water intake.

5. Cracked at the Fabindia store. (See details above)

So on the whole, not bad eh?? Except for the shopping thing, of course. Anyways, here’s to a great week ahead!

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  1. we should crack once in a while no :P

    and fabindia stuff is worth cracking for :)

    1. Yup, always been a big fan of Fabindia :-)

  2. This is neat..I like how you do weekly round up post...good to look back and think :)

    1. Thank you, Nayana!! Yup, it does add a sense of accountability, knowing that my updates are going public :-)