Weekly Goal Update – 24 March 2013

5:45:00 pm

Is it hot, or is it HOT???? I heard it rained in a few places yesterday, not a drop here anyway L. Another dry spell I’m not complaining about is my shopping :-D. Another successful purchase free week, although my wishlist is expanding and I might just explode at the end of the month J.

1. Worked out 4 days of the week – Total Body workout on 3 days, and Low Impact Aerobics CD on the fourth.

2. Logged my food at My Fitness Pal.

3. Controlled portions quite well on the weekend.

4. Spent some time crafting with the Cub. Will show you the pictures in another post J

5. Blogging on schedule.

6. I’ve created routines for Cub and myself, divided into time zones and it’s really helping to keep a tab on time wastage.

7. Pinned a lot of stuff on Pinterest and organized all my boards. (Check them out here)

1. Practiced some more nagging. (They should make this some form of Olympic sport)

2. An uncle and a cousin came visiting from abroad and they brought chocolates. So I was munching through the week.

3. Didn’t read anything this week.

4. Water was good, but fruit intake was insufficient.

5. My goal of finding a job is nowhere in sight. L

So, that’s how my week went – not bad, but could be better. The first quarter of the year is ending; how have you guys fared on your New Year’s resolutions??

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  1. Oh talk about the temperature being how !! You step out in the day and it feels like your skin and hair is getting fried :(
    You asked me about the home based contenting thing, no? No success there?the progress chart is getting better with the weeks :D

    1. Yeah, still trying out some stuff. Sometimes things don't click as expected. Yup, the past few weeks have been good, just hope I can keep it consistent!

  2. oh wow uv acheived a lot :) well done