Link List – Jan 2014

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We’re nearing the end of the month and it’s a good time to check if the fire of your resolutions is still blazing or if it’s died down :). I’ll be putting up my Jan report card on the next post so you’ll know how I’ve fared!!

For now, here are some interesting links I came across this month. A lot of the blog posts I’ve read in Jan have been (predictably) about improving your life in the New Year, but to my surprise, they’re not all about diets and workouts. Most of these posts are about keeping your life stress free, and tuning in to yourself. Such a relief!!

 So, here are my picks of Jan 2014:

1. Audrey from Putting Me Together has a detailed blog post about how to grow your blog – with images!!

2. If you’re like me and stuck in a style rut and would like to shake things up this year, check out The Closet Feminist’s body positive and affordable style resolutions.

3. Some unconventional investment tips for this year at Good Housekeeping; don’t worry; no large amounts involved!!

4. We pay a lot of importance to our clothes, but what about our skin which we wear 24x7? Allie discusses spending on your skin at Wardrobe Oxygen.

5. Ange of Miss Hijabi very eloquently voices her thoughts on the trappings of hijab, which is very relevant in today’s environment.

6. There are lots of healthy eating tips floating around, but I personally love these by the gorgeous Adrienne at The Rich Life on a Budget.

7. ALERT SHERLOCK FANS!!! Sal gives a detailed breakdown of Sherlock’s and John’s styling on the popular show over at Rewire. Love!!

8. Ever come across a post for being beautifully human?? Marc Chernoff has it for you here.

9. I’m an Organizing Junkie, run by Laura, is a popular organizing blog and it now has its very own app, with features which give you chores depending on how much free time you have!!

10. Here’s something to read the next time you’re feeling tempted to shop – an informative post about sustainable fashion by Upasana at Indian Fashion Bloggers (InFB).

11. Finally, here’s a thought provoking post at Good Housekeeping about how you can create your own luck this year.

Have you come across any inspiring or motivating blog post this month?? Do share it in the comments!!

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  1. You did a wonderful research here. Love list of link, make sure to visit each of them.

  2. This is a great list! Thanks for sharing!