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First Outfit Post of the year!! I’ve made the same style resolution this year as last year and the year before that – try out different styles. I’m not at all experimental and see my clothes in a very one dimensional sense – I can’t think of ideas to style them differently and I’m in awe of bloggers who turn shirts into dresses and dresses into skirts and so on. I agree that it’s just clothes and I’m not even a fashion blogger, hence this is one of my rather low profile resolutions :).
This top is one of my favorites, bought from Westside during one of the EOS sales. I’ve got heavy thighs, so I opt for longer tops and tunics. This brown one is a soft material and comfortable for all kinds of weather.

This was worn on a weekend when I went visiting. The color is actually browner, though it seems more like rust in these pictures. Still got lots to learn about lighting and angles!

Here’s a look a the detail on the front:

The Jealous jeans are my latest buy, from the current sale at Pantaloons. (It’s the brand name, my jeans aren’t actually envious). Super soft and comfortable – do you know how difficult it is to find jeans that aren’t ‘skinny’ or ‘super slim fit’?? What’s a bootylicious girl to do?

The wedges are also an old sale buy and are quite comfortable, even for a non-heels person like me.

Completed the outfit with a stole borrowed from my sister, with floral print in the same color as the top.

The bag is my new favorite, again a sale pick from Westside (I’m just realizing that 90% of my outfit is sourced from sales). It was an impulse purchase and not on my list, but I’m very happy with it.

A closer look:

I stayed simple with the accessories, a wooden bangle and a beaded necklace that doesn’t see much sun.

To finish off, here’s a weird ‘I-gotta-go-pee’ pose by me:

Yes, I really need to work on my posing.

Outfit Details:

Brown Top: Westside
Blue Jeans: Pantaloons
Floral Stole: Sisters
White Bag: Westside
Beige Wedges: Max
Wooden Bangle: M.G. Road, Bangalore
Beaded Necklace: Don’t remember

I’m happy with my new jeans and have already worn it a few times. I hope to get more experimental in my coming outfit posts, and promise to work on my poses too :-). Do you guys have any style resolutions for the year? How has it been so far?

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  1. Absolutely love that bag! You look fab Fabi!

    1. I know, I fell in love the minute I saw it, and thus the impulse purchase :)

  2. I buy stuff just because it looks good on me in my head, but end up not wearing it even once...I am in a make-up phase now, I hardly buy any clothes...I buy cosmetics instead :(

    1. Ah, I use very little make up and can barely finish the stuff I already have, so that's one closed door for me :).

  3. Oooh the bag AND the wedges !

    1. Just love it when a bag that looks good can also hold a lot, and when smart shoes are comfortable as well :)

  4. That's actually a well styled out fit Fab! The scarf, the bag, the shoes and arty jewelry actually work nicely together:-) The bag is indeed a great buy! Yes I'm totally going to support your resolution..and one thing I don't want you to change at all is your sense of humor:-)))

    1. Thank you, Kalyani!!! You are one of my sources of fashion inspiration :).

  5. I love your bad and accessories. I always wear what suits me irrespective of the fashion trends. And luckily I fit into readymades. Yes, having a good pair of jeans is definitely very important. Your pee pose was good too :-D!

    1. For me, certain stores' clothes fit like a charm, while others don't look good no matter what :-). Would love to see outfits by you too!

  6. Wow! I really like that casual yet dressy look! The scarf and the necklace really created a great look!