Balancing Self-Acceptance and Fitness

10:10:00 am

The first month of the year has ended, and those of us with resolutions are busy taking stock. One thing that struck me as different this year, is that a good many people are focusing more on mental well being like staying stress free or living in the moment than on diets and exercise. It looks like people are tired of singing the ‘I-want-to-lose-weight’ tune!!

In fact, the past few years have been seeing many campaigns geared towards body love and acceptance, with taglines like, ‘Enjoy your Curves’, ‘I Love my Thighs’, ‘Love the Shape You’re In’ and so on and so forth.

Interested and want to read more? Please hop over to ‘Everyday Gyaan’, blog by the amazing Corinne, who honestly doesn’t need any introduction :). Ever since she raised the issue of blogging contests being fixed and garnered a huge number of supporters for it, she has become nothing less than a celebrity to me!! I have had the honor of doing this guest post, ‘Balancing Self-Acceptance and Fitness’, for her blog, so do go over there and read it now!!!

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  1. Thanks again, Fab! I'm so glad the post is resonating with my readers - as I knew it would! ♥

    1. Thank you so much for having me, Corinne!! I'm glad everyone was able to relate to the post!

  2. Just read it... that was fabulously written!! I loved your thoughts on weight n self acceptance...

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  4. I clicked over to read your post- fantastic article! I absolutely loved it.

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