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For the longest time, I had a really haphazard shopping style; buying lots of stuff on impulse. The fact that I was working and spending my weekends in shopaholic-friendly cities like Bangalore and Mumbai didn’t help :). But after relocating to my hometown, I didn’t have too many opportunities to shop. Kannur in North Kerala isn’t exactly known for huge malls or for street shopping :).

But then, I started hearing about online shopping. Though people around me weren’t all that into it, bloggers all over India were buying all kinds of things online, from earrings to wardrobes! The cautious soul that I am, I started out ordering books, with the COD option. Gradually, over the past few years, I have branched out and now even my technology-challenged Mom is an online shopping addict!!!

Speaking of addiction, one site that’ll have you browsing all day long is Jabong.com. If you’re living in India, it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of Jabong :).

Product Categories at Jabong.com:

Jabong is an online shopping website that is also among the top 25 trusted brands in India. They offer the A to Z of everything fashion and personal care, for women, men and children. They even have precious jewelry!! And that’s not all; they also offer a large number of products in various categories under Home and Furnishing – Furniture, Bed Linen, Kitchen and Dining ware, Storage Utilities, Kids furnishings – the list goes on!!

Apart from the above, Jabong also has a few hidden gems. They have a nice little collection of Toys and Games, featuring major brands like Fisher Price and Lego. They also have maternity wear and get this: Disney Princess Costumes for little girls!!

Brands at Jabong.com:

All major Indian brands in Fashion and Beauty are available at Jabong.com, and are updated regularly. Right now, all the latest SS14 collections are available. Check out brands like Miss Bennett, Lara Karan for women and Phosphorous for Men. What’s more, they’re the exclusive online retailer for Adidas Exclusives. Want designer wear? This year, Jabong has partnered with Stylista, a collaborative fashion platform to bring us prominent Indian designers like Wendell Rodericks, Priyadarshini Rao and Nishka Lulla.

My Shopping Experience at Jabong.com:

I have shopped online from Jabong before, and I keep window shopping there all the time :). However, this is my first order at Jabong in 2014 and I decided to order one product each from the Apparel and Footwear section.

The site is very neatly organized and easy to navigate. All the pictures loaded perfectly and quickly enough. I wanted pink shoes, which was easy to find thanks to the detailed filters which helped me pick exactly what I wanted in the shortest time possible. Luckily there were discounts going on, and I found a lovely pair of Lavie Flats costing Rs. 1595.00 discounted to Rs. 799.00!!

As you can see, there is a whole lot of information about the product, including care instructions. For me, when it comes to footwear, the material and heel height are very important details.

I also ordered a plain yellow kurta from W. I was particular that it had to be in cotton, and again, I was appeased by their assurance that it was 100% cotton. The price of the kurta was also reduced, to Rs. 839.00 from Rs. 1199.00.

A wonderful feature here is the size guide, where you can enter the measurements of a dress that you already have and compare it with the one you’re going to buy. It’s called VIRTUSIZE and is really helpful in avoiding sizing issues during online shopping.

I placed the order on 13 February 2014. Immediately, I got an email and an SMS confirming my order, saying that it would be dispatched on 14 Feb and that it would arrive by 20 Feb.

I got further emails and SMSes as the product was dispatched, giving tracking details. To my pleasant surprise, the product arrived two days early, on 18 Feb, in spite of Kannur not being a big city or a metro!!

Both the products arrived in a single package, which was convenient.

The package was properly sealed; even the invoice was in transparent plastic. On opening, I found a shoe box, the kurta in a plastic bag and a cute little Valentine card :).

The shoes were in a protective cloth bag inside the original box along with their original tags. They were stuffed with paper and those bent stick thingies to keep their shape.

I am in love with these flats!!! They’re exactly the color I expected them to be, and fit perfectly!

The kurta was also exactly as described in the website and it was cotton, Thank God!! The detailing on the front was just like in the picture on the site.

I am very satisfied with my purchases from Jabong.com!! My only complaint would be the extra fee that they charge for COD. It’s a nominal fee, only Rs. 39.00, but it’s something they could do away with for more customer satisfaction.

As for the products, they are very well described so there were no unpleasant surprises. And I don’t need to mention that it was true value for money!!!

Have you ever shopped from Jabong.com? Do share what you bought! And if you haven’t yet, do go ahead and check it out!!

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  1. I'm always a little afraid of online shopping for clothes - but it seems like you had a great experience, Fab. Those shoes are so pretty! :)

    1. Yes, shopping online for clothes and shoes are tricky!! Of the many times I've shopped online, there have been two wrong sizes with shoes and one with clothes, but since most of them offer free returns and exchanges, I go with the risk!! And with brands you're familiar with, you can be sure of the sizes :)

  2. I love online shopping... My sis is all gaga abt it. If I were in india I too would have tried it.

    1. I understand, my Mom was scared of computers before, now she's online all the time!

  3. I'm loving your purchases Fab and one request ..pleaseeee do an outfit post featuring these brand new additions to your wardrobe:-) You have done a great job with the review quite thorough ! My sister likes jabong.com and I find it a great resource too although they don't ship overseas...


    1. I sure will, Kalyani!!! Yes, most of the websites here only ship within India, but I'm sure you have equally good if not better options there!!!

  4. Oh yes, many times on Jabong and have always had a good experience.

    1. Me too!! Although I wish they'd do away with the COD fee :)

  5. My FIL is getting addicted to online shopping too! I love how people are willing to shop online more now, makes it a little easier to market my online store. ha!

    I read your 'balancing self acceptance and fitness' guest post just now. Very well written.

    1. Thank you, Neelu; many of my friends liked the post :). And yes, increasing online shopping is definitely a great boost especially for entrepreneurs who don't want to go through the hassle of setting up a physical store!!