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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

The educational system in India is chaotic, at best. Right from preschool, there is this constant feeling of rushing around, with parents running from pillar to post to secure the best education for their child that they can afford. The race only intensifies as kids grow older, and reaches its climax when its time to choose a college.

The year your child starts college is not the most stressful time for parents, it is the year preceding it. The hunt for a good college starts early, with parents employing all kinds of resources to gather the necessary information required to make the right decision.

But now, parents needn’t struggle so much. The web has made information available at your fingertips, and when you have a website like, choosing the right college is a breeze!

CollegeDunia, true to its name, is a college universe. It is a one stop destination for students and parents hunting for the right place for higher education. The website features a course list that includes obvious choices like medical, engineering, management and law, but also more interesting ones like fashion designing, mass communication and other vocational courses.

The look and feel of the site is very clean and neat. Lots of white space lets you focus on just what you’re looking for – information on colleges. The categories are well demarcated and the home page even offers options for part time or full time courses. Clicking on a course category will list all the available colleges offering that course, and you can even narrow down your search with filters.

From the list, you can click on the name of a college to know more about it. This is where we get to the ‘meat’ of the website – complete in depth information that includes details about hostels and student clubs! A quick look gives all the different ways to get in touch with the college.

See that blue button on the far right that says ‘Shortlist’? Clicking on it will make sure that you will be contacted by a counselor for more details on the same. Scrolling down further, you get lots more information, packed very neatly into symbols and icons that tell you about the college amenities, approval and more. There is even a complete photo and video gallery!

All in all, CollegeDunia is a dream come true for parents and students who’d like all their options in one place which makes it much easier to make a choice. No more panicking and running around! If you’d like to know more, you can mail them at

You can also get updates from CollegeDunia on Facebook and Twitter.

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