H is for Heidi

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Do you live in the city? Aren’t there days when all the beeping, honking, garbage and smoke get to you and you just want to run away? We’ve all had those days and the place we want to run away to will most often than not be somewhere green and clean, with a blue sky overhead and fresh air all around. Well, you may just be talking about the Alps, Heidi’s favorite place!

Of course, the Swiss Alps are a major tourist destination, but in Heidi, they are nothing but lovely mountains where goats run around freely, people make their own cheese and are nice to Nature. The Alps are the background for the lovely story of Heidi, a five year old girl sent to live with her grumpy grandfather by her aunt.

Grandpa is in no mood to welcome a little child and being a social recluse, he doesn’t seem equipped for parenting either. But there’s nothing and no one, that innocent, enthusiastic little Heidi can’t win over – the local goatherd, his family and even her frowny Grandfather!
However, Heidi is soon transported to the city to be an invalid girl’s companion, and once there, she begins to wilt. People are nice to her, but it’s not enough for Heidi, who can’t survive without the mountain air and the friendly goats.

The description of Heidi’s life in the Alps is my favorite part of the book, and her little hay bed sounds really cosy! Heidi’s lifestyle seems very wholesome and organic, although her Grandpa refuses to send her to school. Yet, in the end everything comes together, proving that all that happens in our life is towards a certain purpose!

Many books focus on city people as mean and cunning, while those in the countryside are simple and loving. Heidi doesn’t fall into such a trap – countryside Grandpa is as grouchy as can be, while the sick girl’s family in the city is very welcoming and kind. The book does feature a bit on God and the importance of prayer, but it’s not very preachy. So if you haven’t yet, give this book a try – you’ll feel like you’ve just returned from vacation!

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