P is for Pride and Prejudice

9:45:00 pm

This book has been made into so many movies, I wonder if there’s anyone who doesn’t know the story! Jane Austen’s novel about growing up, falling in love, misunderstandings, marriage, class and everything else has successfully made its way into every school’s reading course!

It’s no doubt that the plot is interesting with enough twists and turns, but I personally think the book’s main success is in its elaborate characterization. The Bennett sisters and their parents are described so wonderfully you feel like they’re your neighbors! Austen also exhibits an excellent understanding of human nature and how it tends to turn under changing circumstances. Every character in the book is sure to remind you of someone you’ve known, and you’ll find yourself thinking, “Yes, I knew she was going to do that!”

With the story featuring so many important female characters, it’s inevitable that you’ll try to look at the book from a feminist standpoint. But I feel the book doesn’t really focus on gender stereotypes and rather looks at each character more as a person than as a man or woman. Many people argue that the Pride in the title stands for Darcy and Prejudice for Elizabeth. Yet, it is also widely accepted that both of them exhibit pride as well as prejudice. Some of the people in the book may resemble caricatures, but don’t tell me you haven’t seen a loud Aunty who has absolutely no sense of social decorum!

In the end, the book is all about relationships – sisterhood, friendship, marriage, love and even touches upon extended family and acquaintances. It’s also a great example for not judging a book by its cover!

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  1. I find this book speaking on so many things - economic division, falsehood, superiority, lack of communication. But it is one of my favorite books of all time.

    1. True! While it seems like light hearted satire on the surface, there are many deeper themes within.


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