A Lace Belt!

4:00:00 pm

This post is about the lovely lace belt that I won via the 100 post giveaway at Fashion Panache. The very first giveaway I ever participated in and I won!!! Thanks a lot, dear!!

About the belt – it is from Fashion Panache’s brand Bhushavali. It's made of lovely handmade lace and a natural dyed khadi fabric. The lace is off white and the khadi base is light green. It’s got silver strings on either side.

I thought a bit about styling it and the first thing that came to mind was my white lace-y skirt. I got it from Globus and I really love it, but somehow it doesn’t get to see the light of day much. I guess it’s because I’m paranoid about getting stains on its pristine whiteness.

Anyway, I teamed it with a blue top from Wills Lifestyle and here it is - lace on lace!!

I still haven’t got the hang of outfit posts, so please umm…bear with the umm…less than perfect photography…it was all taken on self timer.

I then tried it with a black top from a brand called 109 F, but placed it higher this time:

A close up:

(Oh God, I really am terrible at taking pictures, aren’t I? :-()

Finally, I tied it around my hair:

I suppose I’ll be using this belt mostly with the black top and as a hairband.

Whew!! Outfit posts are NOT an easy job!! Specially when you are the photographer cum stylist cum model cum everything!!

Again, thank you so much Bhushavali, that lace belt is really one of a kind!!! You guys can also check out her Independence Day sale going on at http://www.bhushavali.com/

So there it was!! Do you have any more ideas about how I could style this beautiful lace belt?

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  1. Wearing it over a dress of one color would bring out its beauty more, I think! :)

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  2. @Tanvi
    That's what I thought so too,and I tried it with a plain blue dress, but something about the material made me look a bit like a balloon!! I guess a slightly stiffer material would go better for me!(next on my shopping list he he)

  3. I admire you for the way u ran the 'outfit post' show- photographer, model stylist all in one!
    We all learn as we go:-)

  4. @Kalyani
    Thanks, K!! Sure, blogging has made me realize that I need to pick up on some new skills!! :-)

  5. U will get better with passing time :)

  6. @FashionPhD
    Thank you, gonna try to improve!!