A Black Skirt

6:34:00 pm

I’m still sneaking in time for shopping in between everything else, though we mainly shopped for the hubs and sarees for our Moms. However, I did poke into the women’s section and have a look at everything. I was about to turn back when my eyes fell upon a black skirt. It was a long, A-line skirt with a suede-ish texture to it. It looked something like this:

It also had a satin belt which is something I always fall for (satin = girly = yes,yes,yes!). The belt was not unlike this:
Image Courtesy: list4all

I luurrve skirts and have wanted a simple, no fuss, black A-line for the longest time, so why didn’t I buy it on the spot? I am a reformed shopper now, so I decided to take a week to think over it. As the case is, I can’t stop thinking about it now and keep imagining how I would style it.

So I promptly logged on to Polyvore and created three looks around a black skirt:

1. Classy and Elegant

Another thing I need (okay fine, want) is a leopard print scarf. I’m actually not one for animal prints, but after seeing here how it infuses instant glamour into an outfit, I’m warming up to it now.
2. Dressed down with denim

I like the yellow and green color combination. Not sure how ‘fall’ it is, but then just because seasonal fashion dictates so, doesn’t mean we have to drown in browns and burnt oranges and bottle greens, do we?
3. Vintage inspired pink

Another color combo I love: pink and black. The necklace inspired the whole vintage thing, and I put in the watch to bring out the blue in the necklace drop.

So all you stylistas out there, what do you think of my style combos? Should I go ahead and get that skirt? Do let me know!!!

This post is a participant in Monday Mingle, a fashion initiative hosted by Bonbon Rose Girls, MomTrends and Glamamom.

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  1. I have a similar one but a satin belt...loved the first two sets you have created!!!

    Much Love

  2. LOVE all your style ideas!!!! Go get it girl! :)

  3. I LOVE the first set! Chanel, leopard and a red pout...Three of my favorite things!

  4. @KristinI know! Leopard print + Red lipstick = Sexy as hell!

  5. Love all these looks. That's the thing about buying great basics. So glad you linked up on Monday Mingle.

  6. The classy and elegant is my fave! I want everything!

  7. @JillMine too!! Specially the leopard scarf!

  8. Loooooove that first set especially!

  9. @Kristin That does seem to be a favorite with everyone :-))